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The Dashboard - Logos 8

Choose Preferred Bible choose your preferred Bible
Choose Preferred Lectionary choose your preferred Lectionary
Courses show progress with your Logos Courses
Prayer Lists display your prayer lists
Reading Plans display your reading plans
Reading Lists show recent Reading Lists
Lectionary display your Lectionary(s)
Devotionals display your Devotionals


Note: Group headings below correspond to Logos 7 Tools menu.


  • Canvas – TBD also a Doc
  • Collections
  • Favorites incl. Bookmarks
  • Guide Editor – TBD also a Guide
  • History
  • Self Tests – TBD
  • Sentence Diagrammer – also in Docs
  • Sermon Editor – also in Docs
  • Workflow Editor – TBD also a Guide

Resource Features

Items on a Resource’s toolbar
Parallel Resources allows you to open a parallel resource
Visual Filters Menu allows you to filter resource content and show Notes/Highlighting
Equivalent Resources allows you to switch between equivalent resources
Inline Interlinear allows you to use the Inline Interlinear feature
Reverse Interlinear allows you to use the Reverse Interlinear feature
Inline Search Searching from within a resource
Multiview Resources Allows you to add guest resources to a host resource panel
Resource Information shows the contents of the resource’s Info page
—> in Resource menu for Logos 8
Locator Bar
this toolbar allows you to navigate within your resource
Things you can do in a Resource
View information in your book View footnotes, links & other information.
Actions on the Right Click Menu the right click Context menu is a powerful way to access features related to content
Actions dependent on Visual Filters e.g. corresponding selection, corresponding words, status your Reading Plan
Find words in your book simple text search using the Find box in your book
Drag-and-drop features which use Drag-n-Drop
Show/Remove Visual Bookmarks Those lines in your scroll bar can be turned ON/OFF
Show Visual Cues The orange circle that flashes briefly can be turned ON/OFF
Gestures allows you to navigate in your resource using mouse gestures
Drawing Mode allows you to draw on the screen – useful if you use Logos with a overhead projector

Resource Menu
Linking Resources
linking allows you to get resources to track together
page describes how to use Linking with examples
Clear all links clears all links in all resources.
Send Hyperlinks Here allows you to use a non-preferred resource for links
Information shows the contents of the resource’s Info page —> Logos 8
Show Locator bar
allows you to show/not show the locator bar.
For more info see Navigating a Resource (controls in the Locator bar)
Read Aloud allows the resource to be read aloud
Show Table of contents
opens Table of Contents for the resource.
Show interlinear pane turns on the Interlinear pane at the bottom of your Bible resource (only Bibles with a Reverse Interlinear or Interlinear Bibles)
Print/Export allows you to print or export resource content
Hyperlinks allows you to create a hyperlink to your resource for pasting elsewhere
Columns / Reading view Reading your resource in multiple columns

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