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  • A link to the Command Box
    • differs slightly between top app toolbar and left app toolbar.
  • Not functional in Logos 9.


Preferred Bible

  • This button will open your preferred bible

Command Box

Shortcuts bar


Close All

  • Close All Panels


  • Allows you to buy resources at from your Library.
    The button can be configured from Program Settings

Help (App Menu)

Resource Features

Describes items on the toolbar of a resource panel.

Left Sidebar Gives access to TOC, allows faceted browsing of Notes and saving of Favorites
Right Sidebar Gives access to Online features:
Translate, Summarize + Insights for Bibles
Reference Box where applicable, shows current location (reference or page number),
and allows you to enter a reference for a new location
Inline Search allows you to search from within a resource
Visual Filters Menu allows you to filter resource content and show Notes/Highlighting
Factbook Tags VF allows you to filter the resource for Factbook content.
Click underlined words to open Factbook.
Interlinears allows you to choose between Inline and
Reverse Interlinear features (separate picker)
Multiple Books allows you to add guest books to a host resource panel (separate picker)
Parallel Books allows you to open resources that share the same reference
Equivalent Books allows you to switch between resources with equivalent content (where applicable)
Back/Forward allows you to move backward and forward through Panel History
Panel History this drop-down menu allows you to go to a previous location in the resource
Panel Menu See below

Panel Menu

Describes items in the menu of a resource panel.

Linking Resources
link sets allow resources to track together
Clear all links clears link sets in all resource tabs.
Send Hyperlinks Here allows you to use a non-preferred resource for links
Information shows the contents of the resource’s Info page
Show Locator bar allows you to show (or not show) the locator bar.
Show Table of contents opens Table of Contents for the resource.
Show interlinear pane turns on the Interlinear pane at the bottom of your Bible.
only Bibles with a Reverse Interlinear or Interlinear pane
Show Inline Search Searching from within a resource
Read Aloud allows the resource to be read aloud
Print/Export allows you to print or export resource content
allows you to create a hyperlink to your resource for pasting elsewhere
Columns / Reading view Reading your book in multiple columns

Things you can do in a Resource
View information in your book View footnotes, links & other information.
Actions on the Right Click Menu the right click Context menu is a powerful way to access features related to content
Actions on the Selection Menu the Selection menu provides ready access to some of the features on the Context menu
Actions dependent on Visual Filters e.g. corresponding selection, corresponding words, status your Reading Plan
Find words in your book simple text search using the Find box in your book
Drag-and-drop features which use Drag-n-Drop
Show/Remove Visual Bookmarks Those lines in your scroll bar can be turned ON/OFF
Show Visual Cues The orange circle that flashes briefly can be turned ON/OFF
Gestures allows you to navigate in your resource using mouse gestures
Drawing Mode allows you to draw on the screen – useful if you use Logos with a overhead projector

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