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What are Equivalent Resources?

  • You may see this button on a few of your resource’s toolbars.
  • This indicates that Logos is aware of Equivalent resources and provides you with the ability to switch to one of these resources in the same panel (tab) that your resource is in.
  • This Equivalent resource is usually the same book, but a different version. (e.g. the KJV 1900, KJV 1795 Authorized).
  • This can be useful as some equivalent resources may contain Reverse Interlinears or Morphologies while other equivalents may not.
  • So far the only Equivalents I have found are Bibles and they are few. At least in my Scholar’s library.

Using Equivalent Resources

  • Open a resource which shows the Equivalent Resource button . (e.g. KJV)
    1. Click on the Equivalent Resource button .
      (clicking on the button again will hide the ribbon showing Equivalent Resources)

    2. Notice that a ribbon appears at the top of your resource showing you equivalent resources.

    3. Also notice that a red bar appears under one of the resources. This shows you which resource that you currently have open.

    4. Hold your mouse over a book in the ribbon. Notice that a pop-up will show you information for that book.
      (a light red bar will appear under the resource for which the pop-up info appears)

    5. Click on one of the resource in the ribbon (one without the dark red bar under it).

    6. Now you should see the Equivalent resource in your panel (tab).
      a) Notice the icon in your resource’s tab has changed.
      b) You may also see different buttons or lack of buttons on the resource’s toolbar (depending on what is available for the new current resource).

  • Try other resource to discover it they have Equivalent Resources.

Keyboard shortcut for ER’s

  • You can use your keyboard to sequence through Equivalent Resources.
    • Open a resource with Equivalent Resources
    • Click in the body of the resource (put focus on the resource’s content).
    • Use Ctrl Shift right to change to the previous Equivalent resource.
    • Use Ctrl Shift left to change to the next Equivalent resource.

Books known to have Equivalent Resources

KJV Bible 1900 edition Authorized Version of the KJV
Logos LXX Lexham LXX Septuaginta
AFAT Lexham Interlinear
NA27 Lexham Syntactic NA27 Interlinear
USB4 Lexham Clausal Outlines USB4 Interlinear

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