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 Logos provides a way for locating text in documents that you have created. This wiki will describe how to do this using the Your Documents option in the Search tool. Your documents can be any type that is found under the Documents menu e.g. Clippings, Notes, Visual Filters.

 You may have numerous documents and you may wish to locate document(s) in which you referred to a word or created a Tag. This wiki shows you how to search for those documents.

Finding a word in your documents

Open the Search tool.


  1. Set the search type to Basic.
  2. Set the search field to All Text.
  3. Leave as All Passages - references are ignored
  4. Select Your Documents from the resource drop-down.
  5. Type your search term in the Search box.
    Then press the Enter key or click the blue arrow to start your search.
  6. Hits for your search term are shown against the document Type
    Some can be expanded to see the hit, whilst others have to be clicked to open the document for manual inspection.

Finding Tags in your documents

Most documents will allow you to Add a Tag but you may not know how to restrict your search results to Tags.
We will search for the same word as above but click All Text and select My Tag before starting the search.

  • You may have to use mytag:love if the Search field does not include My Tag.


  • The result shows a link to the part of the document that has the tag.

Finding Bible Verses in your documents

You can use the same Search as above but type a passage in the Find box.
Note: the passage has to be linked for the search to succeed.


  • The hit in the Clipping was in the Bibliography as nothing was highlighted in the results.
    References will not be found in a Tag unless you search for the string e.g. “Dt 6:4-7”.
  • You can also use Passage Guide to search your documents.

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