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Hiding Books

If you have books you don’t want or no longer need they can be hidden which means they no longer appear in the Logos interface and are removed from the hard drive. Hidden books can be restored but note that you can only restore (unhide) one book at a time.

To hide multiple books:-

  1. Open a Library panel (See How do I view my Library?)
  2. Select the books
  3. Opt+right-click in Mac OR Ctrl+right-click in Windows.
  4. Select Hide these resources
  5. Restart Logos to complete the process

NOTE 1: From v6.3 you do not have to restart Logos unless the resources are being used in your layout.
NOTE 2: Whilst resources are removed from your library their entries remain in your Index. Use the command rebuild index to remove them, but it will take several hours to complete.

To hide one book at a time:-

  1. Select Tools > Program Settings
  2. In the Program Settings pane, click to expand “Hidden Resources”
  3. Open your Library (See How do I view my Library?)
  4. Locate your book
  5. Drag that book into the “Hidden Resources” section.
  6. Restart Logos —> except v6.3+ as noted above

Restoring Books

  1. From the top menu, click on Tools and in the drop down menu click on Program Settings.
  2. Use the vertical scroll bar to move to Hidden Resources, then click on it.
  3. Locate the resource that you want to restore, right click on it and then click on Unhide.
  4. Restart Logos —> except v6.3+
  5. Wait a few minutes for Logos to initiate a download.

NOTE 1: if the resource does not download within a reasonable time frame then use the command update resources.

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