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 The objective of this wiki page is to show you how to open a book for reading. It will guide you through the most common steps of clearing the layout, selecting a book and opening it, opening the Highlighter tool, and resizing panels (window panes).

Clearing your layout

  1. If you are on the Home page, then click the Home page icon to switch to your Layout.
  2. If you have several panels open from a previous study, type close all in the GO/Command box or click the close all panels icon in the main Toolbar.

Selecting your book to read

 Use Library to open your book e.g. Defending Your Faith, or see Opening resources.

Opening the Highlighting tool and Resizing panels

 As you are reading in a book you may like to highlight phrases or sentences that you want to remember. Logos provides an extensive set of highlighters. Logos also provides a way to navigate between highlighted text (see wiki page Finding Highlighted Text). You can also search for text which is highlighted (see wiki article Searching for a word with a specific highlighted pen).
 Also in this section we will resize our Highlighting tool panel and the panel for the book.

  • Opening the Highlighter tool

  1. In the top menu click on Tools.
  2. in the drop down menu click on Highlighting.

  3. Logos opened our Highlighting tool panel on the left. Tool panels by default are a fixed width and cannot be changed. (but you will be shown below a method to override this)
  4. Notice that when you hold your mouse over the right edge of the book panel that the cursor changes to a double-ended arrow. This is to allow you to click and drag the edge of the panel to change its width.
    1. Now hold your mouse over the edge of the Highlighting tool panel. Notice that you see no double-ended arrow cursor. This is because the tool panel is a fixed width by default.

    • Overriding the Highlighter panel fixed width
  5. With your mouse, click on the Highlighter tool’s tab and drag it to a new location ...

    1. ... and drop it there. Logos now will allow the tool panel to be resized. But first we want to move the tool panel back on the left side of our layout.

    2. So grab the tab of the tool panel with your mouse and drag it to the left side of the layout ....

    3. ... and drop it there. Logos now shows our tool panel as before.

  6. Hold your mouse over the right edge of the tool panel. Notice that your cursor changes to a double-ended arrow allowing us to resize the width of the panel. Drag the right edge of the tool panel to the left to make it narrower.

    1. Now we have our Highlighter tool panel on the left of our layout and narrower so that it does not use much of our layout.
  7. Now let’s expand the width of our book to fill our layout. Move your mouse over the right edge of the book panel and drag it to the right to fill the layout.

  8. Now we have our layout adjusted for our reading.

Viewing the Table of Contents

 You may want to view your Table of Contents for your book. Logos provides a method which shows it on the left side of your book. It can be turned ON or OFF.

  1. Under the toolbar for your book is the Locator bar. On it is a chevron icon which allows you to open or close the Table of Contents. Click on it to show your Table of Contents for the book. (to learn more about the Locator bar see the wiki page Navigating a Resource (controls in the Locator bar))


    1. If you do not see the Locator bar, then click on the book’s icon in the upper left corner of the panel. Logos will show you the menu for your resource.
    2. In the drop down menu click on Show locator bar and Logos will show it. Notice on the left side of this menu item there is a keyboard shortcut for doing this without having to use the menu.
    3. Also notice that you can show the Table of Contents using the menu. This would allow you to turn ON/OFF the Table of Contents without showing the Locator bar (in the case where you want to save space in your panel and not show the Locator bar).

  2. Now you should see the Table of Contents. You can click on any of the entries there and Logos will reposition your book to that location. Also you can grab the right edge of the Table of Contents and resize the width of it. If an entry of the Table of Contents is too wide to fit Logos abbreviates it, but if you hold your mouse over that entry Logos will show you a pop-up with the full entry.
  3. To hide the Table of Contents, click on the chevron icon.

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