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Finding all text highlighted with a specific Highlighter or Palette

To Search:

  1. Click on Search in the top menu.
    • If you are doing a Basic search, choose Everything, a specific resource, or a collection of resources.
    • If you are doing a Bible search, choose All Bible Text and a specific resource or set of resources.
  2. In the Search box, type in your search command:
    • For all highlighted text type {Highlight *}
    • For all styles in a specific palette use {Highlight paletteName/*} e.g. type {Highlight Solid Colors/*}
    • For a specific style use {Highlight paletteName/styleName} or {Highlight styleName}
      e.g. type {Highlight Solid Colors/Blue} or {Highlight Blue} provided the Blue stylename is unique.

While you can type those commands directly into a search box, the Information tool can help you find specific highlights.

  1. Open the Information tool.
  2. Open your resource to where there is highlighted text.
  3. Click on the highlighted text to activate the information panel. You will see a Highlights section appear in the Information window.
  4. Expand this section
    • Clicking on the highlighter icon or Palette name will activate an Inline search in the resource for any highlight with that palette.
    • Clicking on the Style name will activate an Inline search in the resource for all text with that style.

Finding all specific Highlighted text in a Resource

You can use the Search tool to locate Highlighted text.

  1. Click on Search in the top menu.
  2. Click on All Bible text (or All Text)
  3. In the drop down menu, click on the arrow next to a Palette name e.g. Highlighter Pens.
  4. Click to check the Style that you want to search for.

  5. In the Find box enter the word that you want to search for e.g. Lord and start the search.

  6. Click on the search results to see the text in your resource.

Browsing your Highlighted text

Browsing with a Visual Filter

Using a Visual Filter can be an effective way to use a Search for Higlighting as the results can be selective and can be displayed without being affected by Search Results highlighting e.g.

  1. Create a Highlighting Style and name it “Transparent”
    Don’t give it any attributes!
  2. Save it.

  3. Create a Visual Filter from the Documents menu and name it e.g. “Highlighting”.
  4. Configure your Search e.g. Basic “All Text” in your resource(s) e.g. ESV
  5. Use {Highlighting *} to find all highlighting and select the Transparent style.

Your VF will probably be active if your resource is open. Otherwise:

  1. Open your resource

  2. Click on the Visual Filters icon on the resource’s toolbar.
  3. In the drop down menu under the heading Visual Filters, click on the filter that you want to use.
    For best results deselect any other filters.

  4. In the Locator bar, click on the Navigator Choice field.
    (If you don’t see the Locator bar, press Ctrl+Shift+L on your keyboard).
  5. In the drop down list click on Filter Highlight
  • Now you can use the vertical arrows on the Locator bar to navigate to the highlighted text in your resource.

Browsing Annotations

You can turn on the resource Visual Filter for Notes and Highlights and then set the navigation choice in the Locator bar (Ctrl+Shift+L) to Annotation.
This will allow you to use the navigation arrows to move between highlighted text, but it will also navigate to your notes. If the Notes file(s) you selected contain only Highlighting then your browsing will be selective.

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