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  Logos provides several ways to view footnote information within your resource.

Clicking on a Footnote

  If you click on a footnote in your resource Logos will show you a pop-up box with the info for that footnote

  1. Hover your mouse over a footnote (j below)

  2. Now click on the footnote...
    • The pop-up box will remain on the screen even if you move your mouse away from the footnote.
  3. Hover the mouse over a link in the pop-up box (Hos 13:9)...
    • Another pop-up box will appear with information regarding that link.
  4. Click somewhere in your resource away from the pop-up boxes to remove them.

Using the Information tool

  You can use the Information tool to view your footnote information.

  1. Open the Information tool
  2. Set the Information panel Hover/Click option to Hover.
  3. Ensure the Footnotes Setting is checked to Look up references.
  4. In your resource hover your mouse over a footnote.
  5. The Information panel will show details of the footnote.

Using the Power Lookup tool

  You can use the Power Lookup tool to view information on all visible footnotes in a resource.

  1. Open the Power Lookup tool.
  2. Set the Linking to Follow.
  3. Now click in your resource.
  4. The Power Lookup panel will show the footnotes that are visible in your resource’s panel.
    You may need to use the scrollbar to locate your footnote.

View in Column Mode

  • You can view footnotes in your resource when you view the resource in one of the Column modes.
  • Footnotes will appear at the bottom of each column when they appear in the surface text.
    • References (usually subscript lowercase letters) will not appear.
  • When you turn off Column mode (set Columns to None) the footnotes will not be shown.

Turning ON Footnotes

  1. Open the resource’s panel menu.

  2. Click to check Show footnotes on page.
  3. Click on one of the Columns modes (e.g. Auto) to enable Column viewing in the resource panel:

  4. Notice that your footnotes are found under the column in which they were found.
  • To turn Off footnotes you can either:
    • Uncheck Show footnotes on page in the menu.
    • Or you can set Columns to None.
  • If you choose full page Reading view (F11/Opt+Cmd+R) it ignores your Columns setting and defaults to Auto Column mode.

  In Logos you can view or open a Link which is in a resource.

  You can see a pop-up box showing you information from a Link.

  1. Hover your mouse over a Link in your resource (Gal 4:4).
  2. A pop-up box will show a snapshot of the link’s target.

  If you click on a bible link it will usually open in your preferred bible, but you can
open it in a specified Bible version using Send Hyperlinks here.
  This will allow you to keep a copy of your preferred Bible open without disturbing your reading.

  1. Open a Bible where you want Hyperlinks to be sent (NLT).
  2. Set Send Hyperlinks Here - see wiki page Send Hyperlinks here.
  3. In your resource (EBC) click on a link (4:15) to have it open in the Bible that is set to receive hyperlinks.

Information on a Word in your Resource

  Logos has powerful features which can assist you in finding definitions, original language translation and other info on a word in your resource.

Quick view of Original Language for a Word

  If your Bible has a Reverse-Interlinear, you can view the
Original Language information for a word by simply holding your mouse over the word.
A pop-up information box will appear at the bottom of your resource’s panel, but only if the Interlinear pane is turned off.
  Note: This also applies to Septuagint bibles.

  1. In your resource hover your mouse over a Word.
  2. Look at the bottom of your resource’s panel and you will see a pop-up box with the Original Language information.

Use the Right Click for information on a Word

  You will find the Right Click Menu a powerful tool while studying or reading in your books. Logos provides a wealth of tools to assist you.

Looking up definitions

When you right click on a word you can use Selection to lookup the definition in an English dictionary or a Bible dictionary.

Looking up Original Language definitions

When you right click on a word in a Bible you can use Lemma to lookup the definition to the original language word in a Lexicon.

Looking up Biblical People/Places/Things

When you right click on a word that is a Person or Place or Thing you can open the Factbook tool to information on that entity.

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