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  • This allows you to direct links to be opened in specific book(s).
  • For Bible references you can have a 2nd copy of your Bible open and set to Send Hyperlinks here. Then when you click on a Bible reference in another book, it will set the 2nd Bible to that Bible reference. Thus leaving your 1st copy of that Bible where you were reading before clicking on the Bible reference.
  • If you want to have Bible reference opened in a Bible other than your Preferred Bible, then using a different version of a Bible and setting it to Send Hyperlinks here will direct Bible reference links to this Bible (when clicked).

  1. Open the book that you want to have links sent to.
  2. Click on the Panel menu.
  3. Click on Send hyperlinks here.
  4. When Send hyperlinks here is turned On, you will see the red concentric circles icon in its Panel tab or Panel icon.

Now for some examples.

   a) The NIV here is my Preferred Bible (see Choose preferred Bible)
   b) The NKJV has been set to Send hyperlinks here.
   c) Click on the footnote r in the ESV.
   d) The pop-up Bible references appear.


  • Click on John 7:42 in the pop-up reference:

    • Notice that the NIV remained on its location.
    • Notice that the NKJV went to John 7:42


  a) This is the Bible that I am reading from in Mark 10:13.
  b) This is the Bible that I want links sent to, it has been set for Send hyperlinks here.

  c) In the Passage Guide click Matt 19:13-15:

  • Notice that my reading Bible is still located on Mark 10:13
  • Notice that my 2nd Bible is now located on Matt 19:13

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