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Why do I need a Preferred Bible?
How to I set my Preferred Bible?

Why do I need a Preferred Bible?

  • The Preferred Bible is the Bible that you normally read from.
  • The Preferred Bible is used when you click on links which need to open a Bible.
  • When you hold your mouse over Bible passages (e.g. in commentaries) the pop-up window shows an excerpt of the passage using your Preferrered Bible.

How do I set my Preferred Bible?

  • In the Command box, type set preferred bible to version
    e.g. set preferred bible to ESV; or
  • Use the Prioritization pane
    This is recommended as it gives you more control over your prioritized bibles.

Note: Preferred Bible can also be set in Logos Web App or Verbum Web App or mobile app, as that will sync to Logos.

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