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What is the Explorer tool?

  • The Explorer tool acts like a mini-Passage Guide which will Follow the active resource or you can have it follow a linked resource. As mentioned, it is not a full Passage Guide. Unlike the Passage Guide, it can dynamically show you useful information without having to type a passage and search.
  • To open Explorer, click on Tools in the top menu. Then select Explorer as shown below.

Hint: you can open multiple copies of the Explorer tool.


Explorer basic fields

  • As of version 4.0aSr3, there are 5 fields as shown below.

People, Places & Things

  • Searches for People / Places / Things pertaining to the passage shown in the reference box.


  • Searches for Media pertaining to the passage shown in the reference box.

My Content

  • Searches your documents & custom/saved Guides (Notes, Clippings, Passage Lists, etc) pertaining to the passage shown in the reference box.

Cross References

  • Searches for Cross References pertaining to the passage shown in the reference box.
    (These come from cross-reference resources in your Library, such as the TSK or NTSK)


  • Searches your Commentaries & Bible Note type pertaining to the passage shown in the reference box.
    Hint: If you hover your mouse over the commentary link, Logos will show you a pop-up box revealing a snapshot of what that commentary has found for your passage. (see this post)

  • By clicking on any of the links in these fields, it will open the appropriate resource in the associated window.


Linking Explorer

  • Linking Explorer works the same as most tools in Logos.


  • Follow allows Explorer to follow which ever resource that you click (resources which are navigated via Bible passages).
  • When Follow is selected, an Astrix appears in the window’s icon as shown below.


  • When linked to one of the standard Letters, it follows the Bible passage which the resource has in its reference box.
  • See Linking Resources.
  • If you are not familiar with Linking, please watch this video Bibles and Commentaries. About half way through it discusses Linking which is a feature that links different resources together so that they will track each other (as you move along in a Bible then if the commentary is linked, it will track where you are in the Bible).


  • When None is selected, it follows what ever passage appears in the reference box. This might come in handy when you want to search for info on a particular passage. This would also work well when you want to use it from a Pop-up Menu (when you right click on a selection in a resource and you get a Pop-up Menu).

Pop-up Menu

  • When you select a word or series of words in a resource and click the right mouse button, a Pop-up Menu appears. Now if you select Reference (on the right side of the Pop-up), you should see Explorer on the left side of the Pop-up Menu. Then when you click it, the Bible passage will appear in Explorer and it will search for pertinent info.

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