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Updated for Logos version 10+

What is Linking ?

  • Linking (link sets) tie like resources together so that they track each other as one is moved.
    • you can link a bible and a commentary so that they will track each other, since they are indexed by scripture references.
    • You can link Dictionaries together, since they are indexed by words (known as topics in Bible Dictionaries).
    • Lexicons that are indexed by words of the same original language can be linked together.
    • Lexicons that are indexed by Strong’s Numbers can be linked together.

  • You can use a different link set for different resource types e.g. use A for Bibles and B for Lexicons.
  • Link sets can also be used for a Bible with either a Lexicon or a Bible Word Study Guide (BWS).
    In this scenario, a single click on a word in your Bible will navigate the BWS or lexicon to the underlying lemma
    (Translations need a Reverse Interlinear).

  1. Click on the panel menu icon in the toolbar.
    • A drop down menu for the resource will appear.
      Notice the linking options.
  2. Click on a link letter that you want to use e.g. B.
  3. After setting the link, the link letter is displayed in the resource’s tab.
    • it may not be visible if you have many tabs in the same tile (or column) of your layout.
  • See Examples for step-by-step details and other ideas.

  • You have six (6) link letters, A thru F, which means you can have 6 different link sets between 12 or more resources!
    You can have 12 resources on a single link set, but it is not recommended.
  • In theory, you can link each resource that you have open, but you can only track like resources e.g. 4 bibles with link letter A, 2 lexicons with link letter B, 1 bible and 2 commentaries with link letter C.
  • Consider multi-view resources as an alternative, because there is more control over the scrolling of the slave resource(s).
  • You should also consider Parallel book sets in order to reduce the number of linked resources.

  1. Open the resource’s panel menu
  2. Click on None to the right of the Link letters
    • the link letter will disappear from the resource’s tab.

How do I clear all links?

  1. Open the resource’s panel menu
  2. Click on Clear all links
    • the link letters will disappear from all resource tabs.

How can I save the way that my resources are linked?

  1. When you create a named layout, it also saves your resource linking.
  2. Then you can update it manually and/or have Logos do it for you
    • So Logos can save your layout when it is closed and it can open with your layout; preserving your resource linking.
    • But you might loose some work if Logos, or your computer, crashes,
      as it will recover the previous layout that was saved.


Linking Bibles together

  • Two open bibles will be linked in this example:
    1. Open the first bible’s panel menu
    2. Click on link set A
    3. Open the second bible’s panel menu
    4. Click on the same link set A
    5. Now these Bibles are linked using link set A.
    6. Now scroll one bible, or change the passage in the passage box, and notice that both Bibles track each other.

Linking other resource types

  • different resource types are linked in this example:
    1. You can link your preferred bible and a Commentary on link set A
    2. You can link a Greek bible and a lexicon on link set C for a single-click lookup.
    3. You can even add your lexicon to link set A if the preferred bible (a translation) has a reverse interlinear.

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