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What do you mean by finding a Heading?

  • In a Bible, you can’t remember the bible book or the passage reference to what you are looking for?
  • But you can remember a word in one of the Headings (or bible Pericopes)... see image below:

  • For Bibles in Logos 8+, you can actually type the word in the Reference box and it will list the relevant pericopes!
  • Fuzzy Bible Search may help you find the words in a phrase, but it can return a lot of erroneous hits.
  • Otherwise, you can Search just the Headings/pericopes in bibles, and it will return more relevant hits.

How to Search Headings

  • Say that we want to find the scriptures where Jesus states “the hour and day are unknown” (or similar)
  • Open a Search window
    Then ....
    1. Click on Basic for the search type.
    2. Select a Bible from the resource list.
    3. Click on the search area parameter (this may show as All Text)
    4. In the drop down menu click on the arrow to the left of Search Fields to expand it.
    5. Click on Heading Text, and also click on Large Text (not shown below).
      If Heading Text is not present, see Why don’t I see Headings.
      Make sure that Bible Text is not selected.

    6. The words hour and day would be significant, but you need to choose one of them.
      So enter the word hour in the Find box and press Enter.
    7. When Logos finishes the search, we see that there are two headings found in the NIV Bible (and most other bibles).

    8. Click on one of the headings and Logos will open that Bible to the heading.

    • Do you have a collection of Bibles? If so, try changing the resource from a Bible to your collection of Bibles.
    • If you prefer a specific bible, select Inline Search from its Toolbar.
      The results can be presented in a number of contexts; usually Sentence, but Aricle is more revealing.

If you are not finding your word

  • Make sure that you have Match all word forms enabled in the Search window
    a) Click on the Search window’s icon.
    b) Click to check Match all word forms.

    c) Then run your search again.

Why don’t I see Headings in the Search Field?

  • Make sure that you are using the Basic search method!
  • Not all resources have Heading Text as a valid search field.

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