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  • You may want to create a Visual Filter for specific words, but you only want them to appear on specific Bible passages.
  • You can use a Passage List to identify a range of verses for the Visual Filter.
  • Then use the Passage List where you normally select All Passages.
  • This is just one example, so hopefully you get the idea and can apply it where it may be useful.

Create a Passage List

See the Passage List wiki.

  • Click on Documents in the main menu.
  • Under New, click on Passage List.
  • Click on the Title and rename it to End of the Age.
  • Add the following references: Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21:5-38.

Create a Visual Filter

See the Visual Filter wiki.

  • Click on Documents in the main menu.
  • Under New, click on Visual Filter.
  • Click on the Title and rename it to Signs of the End
    • it cannot have the same name as your Passage List.
  • Click on All Passages and in the drop down list, find your Passage List and click on it.
  • Click on the resources field and select the Bibles you want to highlight.
  • Add the words/phrases to be highlighted, separated by OR
  • include all words which use the same formatting on the same line.
  • Select the highlighting styles from the Formatting box.

  • Save the Filter.

Examining the results

  • Phrases like “signs of the end” OR “nation? will rise” OR “hear of war?” OR “false christ?” OR earthquake? OR betray OR hat*ed OR abomination were highlighted with one style; and
  • Expressions like “son of man” NEAR (cloud? OR power OR glory) were highlighted with another style.

In the ESV:

In the NIV84:

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