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I think I’m missing resources!

Variants of this are: “I think I’m losing resources”.

  1. Make sure you are working online!
  2. Ensure that your Library is not being filtered.
  3. The resource count can vary if you have a subscription where monthly preview resources are automatically added/removed.
  4. Did you hide some resources recently?
  5. Select Not on This Device in the Library Devices facet, as it may contain resources you were expecting.
    This can happen if “Download New Books” is set to NO in Program Settings, or
    you made a wrong selection of resources during installation.
    To correct this:
    • Click Not on This Device,
    • select the required resources e.g. via Shift+click,
    • right-click and select Download.
    • Set “Download New Books” to YES in Program Settings.

If necessary, contact Customer Service if you are missing a particular resource you have a record of purchasing.

I have two computers and they are both reporting different resource counts, what should I do?

Here are some steps to take...

  1. Ensure that your Library is not being filtered.
  2. Ensure that both computers are online and no downloads are pending!
  3. Check for missing resources:
    • In the Command box type update resources.
      This will download any missing resources.
  4. Check the number of Personal Books (Edition > User Created):
    • compile any missing PB’s; or
    • Upload all PB’s on one computer so that they will be automatically downloaded to the other.
  5. If necessary, transfer resources/PB’s between computers:
    • Copy the Resources folder (below) to external storage e.g. USB flash drive.
      • For PB’s, you can copy files of type *.lbspbb only.
    • Move the storage device from one computer to the other
    • Type scan <path to resource folder> in the Command box e.g. scan E:\Resources
    • Indexing should start after the resources have been discovered.
Operating System Logos Resources Path
Windows 7 SP1 or higher C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Logos\Data\random\ResourceManager\Resources
MacOS /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Logos4/Data/random/ResourceManager/Resources

Substitute your actual username for username; and random is a random bunch of letters & numbers.
Substitute Verbum for Logos or Logos4 if that is your app.

I don’t have all the books which are listed in my collection, what gives?

Some books may not be ready and they will automatically download when they are released.
They usually have an asterisk * against them on the Product page.

I still have some Libronix resources that are not in Logos

There are very few items that are not on the Logos download server (some older files are excluded because of poor quality), but you can still get missing books into Logos (including your compiled sermon files).
Note that Personal Book Builder files (PBB) will not work in Logos.

  1. Find the location of those files on your hard drive, and/or find the CD’s that they came with.
  2. Use the Scan command as above

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