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Will my Libronix resources work in Logos?

Libronix resources will work in Logos with the exception of Personal Book Builder files (PBB).

I still have some resources that are not yet in Logos

There are very few items that are not on the Logos download server (some older files are excluded because of poor quality), but here’s a procedure for you to get missing books into Logos:

  1. Find out where those files are on your hard drive OR find the CD’s that it came with.
  2. In the Command box in Logos type: scan <path to resource folder> (the full path).
  3. Indexing should start after the resources have been discovered.

How can I get my Libronix sermon files into Logos?

You can get your compiled sermon files into Logos if you scan for them as above (in the Documents folder).

I think I’m missing resources!

Variants of this are: I think I’m losing resources.

Generally this concern is because the number of resources displayed in the Library box may be different, even lower than that listed in Bibliography reports of Libronix. The short answer is that Logos has changed how “resources” are grouped, counted, displayed, considered...

One of the biggest changes in Logos is the counting of some large collections of multi-volume print titles as single resources. Take something like the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (6 Vols.), in Logos 3/Libronix it may have been counted as 6 resources, but now it is counted as one resource. To a computer with unlimited space for digital resources it is thinking of this as “one book” or “one resource” but in print it was actually 6 very large volumes.

The count of resources also changes when two database/resources are now combined as one e.g. OT + NT Reverse Interlinear bibles for the ESV.

The good news is that Logos have extensive records of your purchases, but feel free to contact Customer Service if you are missing a particular resource you have a record of purchasing.

I don’t have all the books which are listed in my collection, what gives?

Please note that some resources are actually still being built – they will automatically download when they are ready. One example was the NIV reverse interlinear.

I have two computers and they are both reporting different resource counts, what should I do?

Here are some steps to take...

  • Make sure internet is set to on.
  • In Command box type update resources
    This will check for any missing files and download them
  • Copy resource folder to external storage e.g. USB flash drive
  • Move storage from one computer to the other
  • Type scan <path to resource folder> in Command box
  • Indexing should start after resources have been discovered.
Operating System Logos Resources Path
Windows 7+ & Vista C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Logos\Data\random\ResourceManager\Resources
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Logos4\Data\random\ResourceManager\Resources
Mac OS X /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Logos4/Data/random/ResourceManager/Resources

Substitute your actual username for username; and random is a random bunch of letters & numbers but you’ll find there’s only one folder inside Logos4\Data and that is it.

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