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 How do I generate Libronix style Bibliography?

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What is a Bibliography?

  • A Bibliography is detailed information of a book used as a reference source.
    This usually is shown in the footnote area of a Word document when you use Copy Bible Verses or use Copy & Paste.

  • You can create a Bibliography file from a Collection.
  • The form of a Bibliography is referred to as a Citation Style.
    • You will need to set the Citation Style prior to exporting your Bibliography.
      The Citation Style can be changed in Program Settings which is found in the Tools menu.
    • When changing the Citation Style for a Bibliography, don’t forget to restore the Citation Style to the one that you use when using Copy Bible Verse or Copy & Paste.
    • See Citation Styles examples

  • Logos does not show the book’s icon image in the Bibliography.

How to create a Bibliography of all my books

  • First we will create a Collection of our entire library
    1. On the top menu click on Tools
    2. In the drop down menu click on Collections

    3. The Collections tab will open. Click on the New button in the Collection’s toolbar.
    4. In the Title box, enter a name for your entire library collection.
    5. In the Rule box, enter the filter value rating:>= 0.
    6. In the collection information area you should see the number of books in this collection. It should be the same as the number of books in your library (see How many books do I have in my Library?)

      • Next we will setup the Citation Style which we want the Bibliography to use.

    7. On the top menu click on Tools
    8. In the drop down menu click on Program Settings

    9. This will open a new tab for Program Settings
    10. Click on Citation Styles arrow
    11. Select a citation style in which you want to use with the Bibliography. [see Citation Styles examples]

      • Next we will create the Bibliography

    12. In the Collections tab, click on the collections icon to open the collections window menu.
    13. In the drop down menu click on Print/Export

      • The Print/Export window opens

    14. Now you see the Print/Export window.
    15. Your Bibliography shows in the center of the window.
    16. You have 2 options here
      1. Default (unchecked): shows all your resources shown by book Titles with the Bibliography under the book title.
      2. When you check this box: it shows only the Bibliography and sorts it by Author.
        Here you can also select which citation style to use.
        (unfortunately this does not stick when you uncheck the box, so steps 7-11 are still necessary when using step a above)
    17. You will need to setup how you want your Bibliography printed and which printer to use (see wiki Print/Export for details).
    18. When you are ready click on the Print button.

  • In the future you will not have to create a new collection to create a full Bibliography.
  • You can skip steps 1 – 6 and follow these steps

    a) Open Collections from Tools.
    b) Click on Open in the Collections toolbar.
    c) Click on your collection which you created in step #4.
    d) Then follow steps 12 – 18.

Creating a Bibliography for any Collection

  • You can also export a Bibliography of any collection using this method (see steps a through d above). Just select which collection you want to use in step C above.

Citation Styles examples

  • Citation Styles are changed in Program Settings which is found in the Tools menu. [see steps 7 through 11 in How to create a Bibliography of all my books]
  • Remember that once you change the citation style for Bibliography, when you are done, change it back to the citation style which you use when using Copy Bible Verses or Copy & Paste.
    Otherwise when using these later you will have your citations in the format that you left them in when you created the Bibliography!

  • In the headings below you can see what each citation style looks like.

APA Style (4th ed)


BibTex Style


Chicago Manual of Style


DIN 1505 Style


Harvard Style


MLA Style


Refer-BiblX Style


RIS Style


SBL Handbook of Style




Other methods

Mark Barnes Bibliography tool
  • Mark Barnes has a great method for rendering a Bibliography with images. See this post.
    • This site has been taken down by Mark, see this post

Bibliography in an Excel file using SQLite Browser
  • Another method which yields lots of info for each book but is pretty technical in trying to extract the info is using the SQLite browser (see method #2 in this post). It will place the bibliography info into a .CSV file for using with Excel.
    Warning: you should use caution when using database tools as you could break your Logos installation!

    (click on image to enlarge)

User supplied program LLR
  • For Windows users there is a program which will assist you in building a bibliography. Logos Library Reporter (LLR) generates reports on your Logos Library. It also mimics Mark’s amazing site above for Book Cover reports.
    See this post or this site.

User supplied program L4-Bibliography2
  • For Windows users there is a program which will assist you in building a bibliography which includes your book’s cover images along with details from each book. The program does require that you have Windows and you also have Microsoft Word.
    See this post.

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