Customizing the Passage and Exegetical Guides

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The Passage Guide and Exegetical Guide can both be easily customised.
If you name the guides “My Passage Guide” or “My Exegetical Guide” then they will become the default guides triggered by the program from places such as the GO Box. This also applies to other guides as well – you can try “My Sermon Starter Guide” or “My Topic Guide”.


Customising any guide follows the same basic procedure:

1. Open the Guides menu


    Select Make a new guide template

2. Name Your Guide by clicking on the words Untitled Guide


     Give the guide whatever name you like. Here, we will create a custom passage guide.


3. For Passage Guide or Exegetical Guide, ensure that “Bible Reference” is selected.


4. Items can be added to the custom guide in 3 ways:

        i) Click on the desired section.


        ii) Drag the desired section to the right.


        iii) Begin with all of the sections of either the Exegetical Guide or the Passage Guide


              You can then remove the sections you do not want by clicking on the to the right of the section.


              You can also add items that are not normally a part of the Passage Guide or Exegetical Guide


5. Rearrange items by clicking and dragging

6. To save your guide, simply close it

Edit the Guide

You can edit your guide at any time by opening it from the Guides menu, opening its panel menu and clicking on Edit guide template


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