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 Logos Tutorial: Customize Guides

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Updated for Logos 8

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What is a Custom Guide?

Logos provides several types of Guides, including the Passage Guide and Exegetical Guide. You can customize the sections that will be in the guide and arrange the order in which they are shown, and preserve those settings in a custom guide for subsequent use. Your custom guide is listed in the Guides menu, together with the default guides.

You can create as many custom guides as you like, but in Logos 7 you should name one of them My Passage Guide or My Exegetical Guide to indicate they are your preferred guide. Then they will be used in places like the right-click Context menu.

Logos provides a Guide Editor, which makes it quick and easy to create or change a custom guide.

Using the Guide Editor

Customising any guide follows the same basic procedure:

  • Open the Guides menu

    • Click Make a new guide template
      The Guide Editor will open in a new tab
    • (Logos 8) Cick New at the bottom, then Make a new Guide.
      The editor is similar to that described below, but the guide is saved under Custom Guides in the menu.


  • Select the sections for your guide

    1. For Passage Guide or Exegetical Guide, ensure that “Bible Reference” is selected*.
    2. Begin with all of the sections of either the Exegetical Guide or the Passage Guide
    3. Click or drag the desired sections from the Individual Sections list.


  • Edit the sections

    1. Remove unwanted sections by clicking on the to the right of the header.
    2. Rearrange sections by clicking and dragging
      Logos displays a black horizontal bar to indicate the new location.
    3. Some sections allow you to further customize them. Make selections to suit the purpose of your guide.
    4. Note that some sections can be added multiple times, as they are still available for selection e.g. Commentaries.
      Customize this with a different collection and/or number of commentaries to show.


  • Name the Guide

    • Click on the pencil icon and type a new name.

Editing the Guide

You can edit your guide at any time by opening its panel menu (click on the panel icon):

  • then click on Edit guide template or Edit this guide
    the Guide Editor will open in a new tab

See Using the Guide Editor above to make changes.

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