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The Passage Guide is the place to start when wanting to discover what resources are available on either a single verse or a broader passage of scripture.

It can be triggered from:

   1. the Go Bar on the Home Page (which will also run the Exegetical Guide, open your top 5 bibles, your top commentary, the information tool, and the text comparison tool)


2. the Guides menu


3. the right click context menu from Reference tab.





Shown here is an example result with all the sections collapsed:



1. Passage Guide Menu



2. Add Sections


     Clicking on the bible reference will open your preferred bible to the passage under consideration.

4. Opening and Closing Sections

     Sections remember their last used state.
     If the section was collapsed on the last run, it will begin collapsed the next time.
     To open a section simply click anywhere on the section header.


     You can remove a section from the report by clicking on the “X”


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