Creating a Passage List for Bible Headings/Pericopes

Recently for a Bible study I was trying to create a Passage List for all Bible headings on Babylon. Found that I could only use the Basic Search to search for Headings in Bibles and this presented a problem. The Basic Search menu does not have Save as Passage List as an option. I found a way to get around this problem and in this wiki page I will show you a work-around.

The example below will guide you in the steps to save scripture references to Headings in a Passage List.

  • Finding the scripture Headings using Search
    • Open a Search window.
    • Click on the Basic search method.
    • Select the Bible version that you want to use.
    • Click on the “All Text” field and in the drop down menu expand the Search Fields line and click to check Heading Text.
    • In the Search box enter the text that you want to find and start the search.
    • Select By Resource to have results sorted by Bible book and in order.
  • Now we will create a new Passage List where we will store the verses to Bible headings.
    • Open the Documents menu and create a New Passage List.
    • Name your new Passage List.
    • Optionally insert a heading in your passage list:
      right click, then click on Insert Heading, type your heading and press Enter.
  • Now we will use Print / Export to copy the contents of the Search window to the Clipboard
    • Open the Search Panel menu and click on Print/Export.
    • In the Print / Export window click on Copy to clipboard.
  • Now that we have the search results in the clipboard, we will use the Passage List Add to extract the scripture references.
    • In the Passage List click on Add and in the drop down menu click on ...clipboard.
    • Now you will see your scripture references to Bible headings in your Passage List.


Since the Passage List parsing looks for all scripture references, in some translations you might find an occasional spurious scripture reference which might appear in your Search window and thus end up in your passage list. So I would suggest opening your passage list next to an open copy of your translation and go through your passage list verse by verse to ensure that your verses do indeed reference a Bible heading. (Dave Hooton also found that the Date/Time in the printout caused a verse hit on Amos).

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