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What are Ratings?

  • Ratings are the Stars in each of the books in your Library.
  • You use these to Rate/Rank books in your Library.
  • No gold star means you have not rated that book.
  • 5 gold stars is the top rating, 1 gold star means you rated that book much less than a 5 star book.

What is Rating used for?

  • Ratings can be used in Search and in setting up dynamic Collections.
  • Example in Search (the books had been rated with 5 stars).

  • Example in Collections (Bibles with Rating >1): see Collections

  • You could rate new books as 2 stars and review them when time permits. That way, books that are not useful can be rated 1 star.
  • You can view your Rating in Library by clicking on the Rating column.

How do I change the Ratings?

  • When Library View is set for Tile:
    • To set a rating, click on the star rating (see red arrow) that you want for that book.

    • To clear a rating, right click on the stars, a pop-up menu appears (see red arrow). Click on Clear User Rating.

  • When Library View is set for Details:
    • Select the book that you want to change (don’t click on its title).
    • Open the Information pane by clicking on its icon (the i with a circle around it).

    • To set a rating, click on the star rating you want (see black arrow).
    • To clear a rating, right click on the star rating.

    • Click on Clear in the pop-up menu.

Changing Ratings while viewing a book

Logos provides a way to change your book’s rating when you are viewing the book.

  1. Click on its Info icon or select Information from the Panel menu.

  2. Click on the star to set the rating.

    • To clear the Rating, right click on the stars. In the pop-up menu click on Clear.

  3. Close the Info page by clicking on Done.

Is there a way to change the Ratings of multiple books at the same time?

You can do this in Library, with the Info pane open.
Start by filtering Library for the category of books you want to tag e.g. title:study

  1. Click on a book that you want selected.

  2. Then move to the last book that you want selected. Hold the shift key down and click on the last book.
  3. Now if there is a book that you did not want selected, move the mouse over that book, hold the Ctrl key down and click.
    • this would be the best place to open the Info pane.
  4. Click on the appropriate star to rate these books.
  5. Alternatively, you could click on Clear ratings to remove all ratings.

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