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What are Visual Cues?

  • Visual Cues are those quickly appearing circles over your books which briefly appear when you have navigated to a location.

    • When you navigate using the Locator bar, you will notice that Visual Cues mark the new location in your resource.
      [below we have used the navigation arrow to move to the next verse (Acts 1:9 from Acts 1:8). Notice the orange circle (i.e. Visual Cue).]
      [For information on Locator bar see Navigating a Resource]

    • When you enter a passage verse in a Bible, you will see the Visual Cue appear on the pericope (heading).
      [Below we entered Mark 1 in the reference box and pressed Enter.]

    • When using Power Lookup tool (see Power Lookup) and you click on a reference in it, Logos will use a Visual Cue to mark where that reference occurs in your resource.
      [Notice that in the Power Lookup tool on the right that we have clicked on text under the r reference, and Logos uses a Visual Cue to show where that reference occurred in the resource as shown on the left.]

How can I turn them On/Off?

  • Visual Cues can be controlled in the Program Settings which is found under Tools in your menu bar.

   a) In your menu bar click on Tools.
   b) In the drop down menu, click on Program settings.

  • When Program settings opens, look under General and you will see Show Visual Cues.
    • Setting it to No will turn it Off (no Visual Cues will be shown).
    • Setting it to Yes will turn it On (Visual Cues will be shown when ever Logos want to bring your attention to a new location).


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