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NOTE: The images in this page don’t show the All Text drop-down menu alongside Entire Library. This facilitates a search for footnotes (and other fields) as described in Detailed Search

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Docx file for Rev 21. You can build this into a PB that will be in your library.

How do I limit my search to a particular book or collection?

Click on the Blue link (default is Entire Library) and select from the pull-down list. You may also type in the search box the name of a resource or collection.


How do I open a book directly to search results? (Or to the beginning of an article?)

To open an article (1) click the blue text. To open directly to the search result (2) click on the highlighted word in the sample text.

How do I search just the footnotes? (Or ignore the footnotes?)

This search is performed by utilizing fields within a resource. To see what fields are available: click the in the upper right hand corner of an open resource to display its information; the names of the fields within that resource are under search fields. Type “field:<word>” For example “footnote:Jerusalem” will locate any mention of Jerusalem in the footnotes of your book(s). Or, to ignore footnotes, use: “surface:Jerusalem”. This search will only look at the surface text or the main body of a book.


How do I search for images?

To limit your search to images, prefix your search term with “#image “, so to find images related to Jerusalem use “#image Jerusalem”. Also, “#image ANDEQUALS Jerusalem” will only return images that are tagged with titles, captions or keywords as Jerusalem. #image can also be used in more complex searches like “#image NEAR Jerusalem” to find images are near a mention of Jerusalem.

Forum thread example: Search for images using fields Description; Tag; Title (hymns have descriptions)

How do I search for topics?

Use basic search and enter the topic in the search field. Logos will pull topics from your dictionaries and other topical resources and suggest them.

Forum thread example: Search for topics using fields Heading Text; Large Text Prophecy study
TIP: In order to limit the topics to your favorite resources, create a collection of your favorite resources and call it “Topical Resources” or something you’ll remember. When you do your basic search select that collection as the Resource to search in – it will be in the drop down box when you click the blue words (usually “Entire Collection”) after “Search in.” That will limit the “hits” to just those resources.

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