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Starting a new word find puzzle

1) Click on the Documents menu and then under “New” click Word Find Puzzle

2) Select the Bible version you want

3) Enter the passage you want

4) Select whether you want a list of words or the Passage to display with your puzzle

5) Select the size of your puzzle (this will only be an option if you have a long enough passage)

6) Rename your puzzle if you want

7) In the panel menu there are check options for backwards words and diagonal words

If you want to print or save the puzzle, right click on it. Other options are available from the Print/Export window (Ctrl+P).

Working a Puzzle

  1. When you see a word in the puzzle, click on the first letter and drag to the last letter. Logos encapsulates the word as you drag (in some case it draws a line).
  2. If the word was correct (one found in the list below), then Logos encapsulates the word in blue. If not, it briefly encapsulates it in red.
  3. Also if correct, it strikes through the word in the list.

  4. If you get stuck and want a tip, click on a word you are having trouble with in the list.
    • Logos will turn the first letter of the word in the puzzle red (flashing and changing size) briefly.

  5. To see the solution of a puzzle, click on Solution in the toolbar.
    • Words that you found are shown in blue and words not found are shown in red.
    • To hide the solution, click on Solution again.

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