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What is the Cited By Tool?

  • The Cited by Tool will locate citations in resources for the scripture passage or word or number that is shown in the reference box.
    • You select which resources groups that you want shown in the Cited By tool (see below).
    • Logos will search through the resources in a group for your citation (you may see a progress indicator while Logos is searching) and hits will be shown when you expand a group. These are linked to each resource, thus allowing you to click on them and open that resource to where your citation was found.
    • Logos will show up to 5 hits in a group, covering several resources. If more hits were found then a more link will be active after the last hit.
      If you click on the more link, then Logos will show more hits.
    • When you see a Search link it could mean that you have to Search for more results, but Search is available without using the more links.
      It will open a Search panel and search for your citation within your resources for that group.

  • Your reference will generally be a Bible reference. But Logos also supports references to other sources e.g. Quram.
    • When you type into the Reference box Logos will show you a drop down list to help you locate the exact reference that you want to use.


How do I Open the Cited By tool?

The Tools Menu

  1. Click on Tools in the top menu.
  2. Scroll down and click on Cited By, or use the Search box.

The Right-Click Context Menu

  1. Select a word or series of words in a resource and click the right mouse button to display the Context menu.
  2. Select Reference and click Cited By on the other side of the menu.


Window options

  • When you click on the Panel Menu, you will see the Cited By options:

  1. Link modes
    • Follow allows Cited By to follow which ever resource that you click.
    • A,B,C,D,E,F allows Cited By to follow the resource in the corresponding Link set.
    • None means that Cited By will follow what you type into its Reference box.
  2. Expanded/Compact View
    • Expanded produces more info from a citation (example below)
    • Compact produces only the reference info for the citation (example below)
  3. Sorting Order
    • Sort by results by search rank, sorts the results for each resource by how close to the exact Bible passage was found.
    • Sort results by resource, sorts the results according to the specific resource (book).

Resources to show in Cited By

  • When you click on the Add button (as shown below), you will see resource group options.

  • Resource groups that show up in this menu are:
  • When you click a resource group, it will be shown at the bottom of the tool window (so it would be best to collapse each group before you do this).
  • Then you can click and drag the group to change its order in the Cited By window.

Group Options

  • When you click on a group header (as shown below), you will see the available options.

  1. Collapse will collapse the group.
  2. Expand all, Collapse all will expand/collapse all the groups.
  3. Move up, Move down will move the group up/down in the window.
  4. Move to top, Move to bottom will move the group to the top/bottom.
  5. Remove will remove the group from the window.
  6. Copy will copy the visible results in the group, whether expanded or compact (no links).

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