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What is Tagging?

  • Tagging allows you to tag your books so that you can more easily find them.
    Very similar to how Logos uses Type (see image below).

  • Think of a Tag as a category or grouped resources.
  • Tags that you have applied will appear in the My Tag column in your library (when viewing detailed view).
  • You will apply a name for a tag (category) that you want to categorize. Below you can see that I have a tag which I name Charts and it shows when using the My Tags sorting.

  • To have each of these resources appear in my Charts tag, I had to individually tag each of these resources with the tag Charts. (But there is a way to tag multiple resource at once, Is there a way to Tag multiple books at the same time?)
  • You can apply more than one tag to a resource. (notice above some are tagged for Maps & Charts, etc). This is useful when a resource falls under multiple categories that you create.
  • Note: be careful when entering a tag name as it is case sensitive.
  • To view all of your resources by Tag:
    1. Open your Library
    2. Click on the View button in the Library’s menubar until you see column headings (i.e. Title, Author, etc)
    3. Click on the column My Tags. (if you don’t see My Tags column, please view Available Columns in the detailed view)
  • Resources which are not tagged will appear in the top category titled as shown below.


What is Tagging used for?

  • Viewing resources in the Library window by your grouping (categorizing).
  • Tagged resources can be used with several Logos tools as shown below:
    • Search
      a) In the location selections for Search.
      b) You will see your tagged categories.

    • Passage Analysis
      a) In the location selections for Passage Analysis.
      b) You will see your tagged categories.

    • Text Comparison
      a) In the location selections for Text Comparison.
      b) You will see your tagged categories.

    • Visual Filters
      a) In the location selections for Visual Filters.
      b) You will see your tagged categories.

  • Collections
    a) In Start with resources matching used for dynamic settings of Collections (very useful). Some Logos users have MyTags for their commentary collections.
    b) This allowed me to select my tagged favorite Bibles along with the Rating which helped me to dynamically select those which I rated at 3 stars and above.
    Refer to Collections page for collection creation steps.

  • As you can see, the tagging feature can be very powerful and useful!


How do I Tag a book?

  • The numbered list below will provide an example on how to Tag some study Bibles under a Tag named Study Bibles.
  1. Open your Library using the book icon found in the top menu bar. (I suggest opening it in a floating window for better viewing)
  2. Click on View to get the detailed view.
  3. Click on Info (the ‘i’ with a circle around it) and ensure the Browse is selected.
  4. In the Find box enter a filter for better locating the books that you want. (optional)
  5. Click on a book that you want to Tag. (careful, don’t click on the title or it will open the book)
  6. In the Browse pane, you will see add tag. Click on it. A box appears. In the box type: Study Bible and press Enter. (to add another tag for this book, you would click again on add tag and enter the other Tag name that you want)

  • You have now tagged a book. If the column My Tags is visible, you will see Study Bible next to the book you just tagged. For the above image I have narrowed and hidden the My Tags column (see Available Columns in the detailed view for help showing My Tags column). See image below.

  • You should now follow steps 5 & 6 to tag other books which you want tagged as Study Bible. Make sure that you type the Tag name exactly as you typed the first one. (Capitalization and spaces must match, or it will create a different Tag name)


Tagging a book while viewing it

 Logos provides a way to change your book’s Tagging while you are viewing your book.


  1. With your book open, click on the info icon and Logos will show you the info window for your book.

  2. To add a new Tag click on add tag and in the box that appears type in your tag name that you want to use.
    1. To clear a tag, click on the tag and delete the text and press Enter.
  3. Now you can close the info window by clicking on Done. (your tagging will show up in the Library next to your book)
  • After changing a tagging on your book this may effect collection(s) in which you use named tags.

Is there a way to Tag multiple books at the same time?

  • In the instructions below, do not click on the Title of a book or it will open that book. Try clicking on another heading (e.g. Author).
  • You will need the Info (the i with a circle around it) turned on.
  1. Click on a book that you want selected.

  2. Then move to the last book that you want selected. Hold the shift key down and click on the last book.

  3. Now if in the selected books there is a book that you do not want selected, move the mouse over that book and hold the Ctrl key down and click it (it becomes unselected, it you hold the Ctrl key down and click it again it becomes selected).

  4. In the Info pane you can now click on add tags, then when the box appears, type the name for the Tag.
  5. Or in the Info pane you can now click on Clear tags to remove the tag for these books.
  • If you want to select books one at a time (for selecting multiple books), you can use the Ctrl key and click each book (see step 3).
  • I named the tag for these books to Be series. You will be able to see these under My Tags column as shown below.


Is there a quick way to rename a tag?

From v5.2a you can right click a tag in the Information pane and select “Rename tag on all resources”.
For earlier versions note that the following procedure works only when each book in a tagged group has only one tag (otherwise it will delete other tags).

  1. Open the Library window.
  2. Click on the info (the ‘i’ with a circle around it) so that the info pane is showing.
  3. Click on the column heading My Tags. (see Available Columns in the detailed view if you do not see this column and need help positioning it)
  4. Locate the Tag which you want to rename and expand it by clicking on it.

  5. Select all the resources for this Tag. (see Is there a way to Tag multiple books at the same time? if you do not know how to select multiple books)
  6. In the info pane, click on Clear tags.
  7. In the info pane, click on add tag. When the text box appears, type the new tag name then press the enter key.

  8. Now you will see your new tag name appear next to each book under the My Tag column. Also you will see it in the info pane.

Tagging a Commentary Series

  • See the illustrated instructions in this post

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