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Updated for Logos 10

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What are Clipping documents?

  • Clipping documents are as they suggest, a document where you add one or more clippings.
  • Think of the document as a collection of Index cards with notes.
  • A Clipping doc is useful to collect information from your different resources relating to a specific topic or idea.

    • Front side of clipping/card
    1. Link to resource where this came from.
    2. Title for this clipping (editable). Logos will automatically add the head word or pericope from resource.
    3. Date that the clipping was added.
    4. Text that was copied from the resource. (editable)
    5. Tag which you can add for finding in this Clipping document.
    6. Note’s area where you can add a note about this clipping.
    7. Link to flip the clipping/card over to back.

      • Back side of clipping/card
    8. Citation style for this clipping. (changeable)
    9. Bibliography info.
    10. Link to copy bibliography info to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.
    11. Link to flip the clipping/card over to front.
  • You can add text as a clipping, but you cannot add pictures or images to your clipping.
  • Unlike Notes, clippings do not leave markers in your resource.
  • You can add a note to each clipping within your document.
  • You can tag each clipping to help you find it.
  • Bibliography information is attached when add a clipping into the document.
  • A date is stamped on each clipping when it is added.

Creating a new Clippings Document

  1. Open the Documents menu.
  2. In the drop down menu at the top click on Clippings to create a new Clippings document.
  3. Start off by clicking on the Title to give it a name.

Opening an existing Clippings document

  1. Open the Documents menu.
  2. In the Find box type clip to have Logos sort your documents by Clippings.
  3. Locate your Clippings document and click on it.

Adding clippings to your Clipping document

  • You can add text based info from any of your resources to a Clipping document.
  • You cannot add pictures or images to your Clipping document.
  • You will need your Clipping document open before you can add a clipping to it.
  • You will need to select the text in your resource by dragging your mouse over the text with the left button pressed.
    • Once that you have your text selected, then you can add your text to your clipping.

Using the Right Click menu to add a clipping

  • If you have never created a clippings document, then you can click Add a Clipping in the right click menu.
    Remember to name it so that you can find it later.
  • Clippings documents will be listed when they are open in your layout. Otherwise the last ones used will be listed.

  1. Make sure your Clipping document is open.
  2. Select the text in a resource that you want to add to your clipping.
  3. Right click on the selected text.
  4. In the Context menu, click Selection on one side.
  5. On the other side, click your document under Add a clipping.
    • Logos adds the selected text to your clippings document.

Using the Add Clipping button

  1. Make sure your clippings document is open.
  2. Select the text in a resource that you want to add to your clipping.
  3. In the Clipping document, click on the Add Clipping button.
    • Logos will add the selected text to your clippings document.

Dragging from resource into Clippings doc

  • You can drag selected text from an open resource into your Clippings document to add a clipping.
  1. Make sure that you have your clippings document open.
  2. In the resource, select the text that you want to add as a clipping.
  3. Drag the selected text into your clippings document.

How to rearrange your clippings

  1. Grab a clipping in your document.
  2. Drag it to a new location.

How to delete a Clipping

  • This deletes a single clipping within your document.

  1. Hover your mouse over the top of a clipping.
  2. Click on the red X to delete it.
    • If you accidentally delete a clipping, you can restore it by pressing Ctrl Z on your keyboard. But you must do this immediately after deleting the clipping before performing any other operation.

How to delete a Clippings document

  1. Click on Documents in the top menu.
  2. In the Find box, type clip which will sort to show Clipping documents.
  3. Right click on the Clipping document that you want to delete.
  4. A pop-up will appear, click on Delete to delete your document.

How to find a clipping in your Clippings document

  • You can add one or more tags to a clipping, and they can be used to help you locate that clipping in a document with many clippings.

Setting a tag in a clipping

  1. Click on the add tag in a clipping.
  2. Type in a name which you want to tag this clipping with.
    • It should be as unique as possible to aid searching.
  3. Repeat for any other tags you want.

Using Find to locate a clipping

  • You can use the Find feature to locate a clipping via its tags, or find words or phrases that appear in a clipping.
  • Find will show one or more clippings with content that matches what you typed in the Find box.
  1. Open the panel menu of your document.
  2. Click on Find (in this panel).
    • or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F

  3. In the Find box, type your tag value or a word/phrase.
  4. Logos will show the clipping(s) that contain this tag/word/phrase.
  5. To close the Find box, click on the X at the right side of its bar.

Using Search to locate a clipping

  • You must use a document Search to locate text or tags in a clipping.
  • Search in Basic > Your Documents or Docs
  • In order to find tags:-
  1. Open the Search tool and select Your Documents or Docs .

  2. In the Search box, type mytag: followed by your tag value, and then hit the Enter key.
    e.g. mytag:introduction.
  3. The results link to the Title of your clipping.

Viewing a clipping’s Bibliography

  1. Hover your mouse over a clipping.
  2. Notice in the lower right corner of the clipping that an arrow appears.
    Click this arrow to view the bibliography info.

  3. The clipping will turn over to show you the bibliography info on that clipping.
  4. This is the citation style for the bibliography.
    If you click on the arrow on the right you can change the citation style.
  5. Notice the Copy link. When you click on it, it will copy the bibliography info to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.
  6. Click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the clipping to flip back to the clipping info thus hiding the bibliography info.

Adding a Note to a clipping

  • You can add Notes to a clippings which can be useful when you want to describe your thoughts about that clipping.


  1. Click on the Notes button at the bottom of a clipping.

  2. Then add your text in the note area.

Adding / Changing text in a clipping

  • You can modify or add text within your clipping and its Notes.
  1. Click in your clipping or its Notes to enter Edit mode.
  2. You can use the standard text editing controls in the toolbar.
  3. You should limit changes to the clipping as that is quoted text
    e.g. use ellipsis... to indicate omitted text.

  • You may find a need to add a hyperlink to another resource in your clipping.

    1. In your clipping, click in the text area and type in the text that you want.
      • it is a good idea to have at least one space character after the text that you want to turn into a link
    2. Then select the part of your text that you want to make into a hyperlink.
    3. In the resource that you want to link to, ensure your desired location is at the top of the window.
    4. Open its panel menu and add the L4 hyperlink address to the clipboard.

    5. Click the hyperlink icon in your clipping.
      • on hover it will display “Address”
    6. Paste your hyperlink address into the drop down box.

    7. Notice that your text in the clipping has turned into a link (it’s blue).

Keeping track of your Clippings documents

  • As you make more Clippings documents you might find it difficult to keep track or locate them.
  • A good way to keep track of them is to use Favorites.

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