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All Bugs

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titleversionseveritystatusreporterfixed version
Bug: “Add note” references are treated differently4.0c Beta 1by-designDave Hooton
Bug: “Mark this article as especially helpful” stars disappear when you refresh a guide4.0confirmedRosie Perera
Bug: “Send hyperlinks here” interferes with “Mark read” on reading plan4.0b Beta 3invalidJon Rumble
Bug: “translit:” gets duplicated when selecting from dropdown4.0b Beta 2confirmedRosie Perera
Bug: (AF) Hover version is different between Passage List & Search Results4.2confirmedDave Hooton
Bug: (Performance) Very slow boot: 45 seconds on a fast machine4.0b Beta 3confirmedRosie Perera
Bug: (Performance) Very slow closing BWS panel4.0b Beta 3invalidRosie Perera
Bug: (Some) Documents are not restored when expected4.0binvalidDave Hooton
Bug: [Field words-of-christ] searches do not work as expected4.0a Beta 3fixedDave Hooton4.0a Beta 4
Bug: 4.0a SR-2 unnecessarily performs a full re-index4.0a SR-2invalidDave Hooton
Bug: 4.0b failure to sync bookmarks4.0b ( phillips)
Bug: Adding a Note to a Hebrew bible reverses the order of text!4.0c RC1fixedDave Hooton4.0c RC 2
Bug: Advanced Prioritization does not affect Commentary order in Passage guide4.0d, 4.1B2confirmedDave Hooton
Bug: Alt+F4 doesn’t work if you have a footnote pop-up window open4.0b Beta 2confirmedRosie Perera
Bug: AMP bible overriding Preferred Bible in Prioritize List4.0a SR-3fixedDave Hooton4.0b B3
Bug: Anomalous results from complex proximity search4.0cconfirmedDave Hooton(no title)
Bug: Associating note to devotional material uses wrong reference4.0afixedDavid M Reid4.0b Beta 7
Bug: Bible References from Add Note are not included in a Passage List4.0cby-designDave Hooton
Bug: Bible Word Study (BWS) hangs when clicking ring graph segment for common word4.0fixedGreg Gray4.0d Beta 1
Bug: Bible Word Study will use spurious Hebrew Bibles4.0bfixedDave Hooton4.0b SR-1
Bug: Biblical People/Places/Things not Working4.0a SR-2fixedPam Larson
Bug: Book of Isaiah missing from Lexham LXX Interlinear4.0a Beta 3by-designDave Hooton
Bug: book titles in Lexham Septuagent don’t display with some fonts selected (ie charis SIL and others)4.0c SR-2confirmedMike Waterhouse
Bug: Bug Wiki’s new errors table is truncatedinvalid
Bug: bullet characters showing up when pasting from PowerLookup & Info windows4.0d Sr1confirmedsteve clark
Bug: BWS does not accept all bible words4.0c, 4.0d B2by-designDave Hooton
Bug: BWS does not correctly re-generate its Textual searches4.0c, 4.0d B2confirmedDave Hooton(no title)
Bug: BWS Septuagint section ignores resource priorities4.0d Beta 2by-designMJ Smith for John Brumett
Bug: Can’t rearrange note order by dragging4.0b Beta 4fixedTodd Phillips4.0b Beta 9
Bug: Can’t start Logosfixed
Bug: Cannot update SR-2 to SR-34.0ainvalidDave Hooton
Bug: Character problems when highlighting Hebrew text4.0b Beta 12confirmedRosie Perera
Bug: Citation incorrect for JFB Commentary4.0bfixedDave Hooton
Bug: CLDG does not download into L44.0binvalidDave Hooton
Bug: Clippings: Can change font on ghost selection when selection highlight isn’t visible4.0 SR7fixedRosie Perera4.0b Beta 1
Bug: Collections are being reset as Parallel Resources4.0b Beta 6fixedDave Hooton4.0b
Bug: Collections pane doesn’t remember view or column settings4.0b Beta 5fixedRosie Perera4.0d Beta 3
Bug: Collections selection list is not sorted in Guides4.0b Beta 2fixedTodd Phillips4.0b
Bug: Commands not recognised in English UI on Spanish Windows4.0cconfirmedDave Hooton
Bug: Commentaries removed in Passage Guide do not stay that way!4.0b SR-2, 4.0cby-designDave Hooton
Bug: Compare Versions doesn’t work when editing a Guide [WITHDRAWN]4.0a Beta 4by-designMark Barnes
Bug: Context Menu Morph searches do not set the appropriate range4.0afixedDave Hooton4.0b Beta 3
Bug: Copy Bible Verses does not display text of last reference, but copies correctly4.0c ( S
Bug: Copy Bible Verses not interpreting some syntax, and formatting problems4.0b Beta 1fixedRosie Perera4.0c Beta 1
Bug: Copy location to clipboard missing4.0a Beta 3fixedMark Barnes4.0d
Bug: Copy/paste with citations turned on omits verse reference4.0fixedRosie Perera4.0b Beta 4
Bug: Copying indented text from NICNT reverses indenting in notes4.0c Beta 3fixedRich DeRuiter4.0d Beta 1
Bug: Copying Spanish Bible via CBV gives spurious output4.0c Beta 2confirmedRichard DeRuiter
Bug: Crash after blanking Unnamed Collection4.2fixedDave Hooton4.2 Beta 5
Bug: Crash entering multiple verses in CBV4.0a Beta 2fixedTodd Phillips4.0a Beta 4
Bug: Crash in morph query build4.0cfixedMJ Smith4.0d Beta 1
Bug: Crash of 4.0d during start up4.0d SR-1confirmedDavid Bailey
Bug: Crash on paste into notes4.0fixedMJ Smith4.0b Beta 2
Bug: Crash on Start up4.0c Beta 4invalidKen Schlenker
Bug: Crash trying to open L4 to Home Page4.0a, 4.0bfixedDave Hooton
Bug: Crash when accessing Morphology Search from OpenText Clause analysis4.0c RC1fixedDave Hooton4.0c RC3
Bug: Crash when an invalid bookmark/favorite position is encountered4.0afixedDave Hooton4.0c Beta 1
Bug: Crash when copying resource citation4.0d SR-2confirmedDave Hooton
Bug: Crash when creating or editing prayer list4.2b SR-1invalidRich Thirsk
Bug: Crash when do search in Logos 4 Help4.0 SR-7fixedManiel4.0a
Bug: Crash when opening or closing Collections4.0bfixedDave Hooton4.0b SR-1
Bug: Crash when pasting text into a Note4.0bconfirmedDave Hooton)
Bug: Crash when searching a common word in bibles4.0a SR-3fixedDave Hooton4.0b Beta 6
Bug: Crash when selecting specific morphology for BHS Morph Search4.0c RC1fixedDave Hooton4.0c RC2
Bug: Crash when switching to a layout4.0b SR-1fixedDave Hooton4.0b SR-2, 4.0c Beta 2
Bug: Crash: Close All after reopening a particular layout causes Unhandled exception: System.ObjectDisposedException4.0b Beta 5fixedRosie Perera4.0a Beta 6
Bug: Crash: SR7: Hang on start-up4.0 SR-7invalidRosie Perera
Bug: Crashes when I do anythingpending
Bug: CTRL-F Very Slow4.0c Beta 6confirmed
Bug: Ctrl+Shift+R attempts to toggle the interlinear display for non-interlinear Bibles4.0a & 4.0bfixedDave Hooton4.0c
Bug: CUV (Chinese Union Version) not recognized in the F7 feature or as one of the Top Bibles.4.0a 4533fixedPeter Li4.0a
Bug: Default font is unclear on many set-ups4.0a Beta 2wont-fixMark Barnes
Bug: Definitions in Graph Bible Search Results are inaccurate4.0c RC1fixedDave Hooton4.0d
Bug: Double clicking to re-size columns in library does not stick.4.0a Beta 4confirmedThomas Black
Bug: Downloading updates: stays on 0% forever4.0b Beta 3confirmedRosie Perera
Bug: Duplicate (E4) resources still show up in searches4.0d Beta 3confirmedDave Hooton
Bug: Duplicate Index on Auto Merge4.0a Beta 4confirmedChris Elford
Bug: Duplicate passage drop in Passage List inconsistency4.0c Beta 2fixedMJ Smith
Bug: Duplication in results: Analysis view, phrase search.4.0a Beta 5by-designNigel Cunningham
Bug: Editing a deleted Guide template crashes4.0b Beta 2fixedRosie Perera4.0b Beta 4
Bug: Error accessing KJV19004.0ainvalidDave Hooton
Bug: Exegetical Guide “Word by Word” limited to 15 verses4.0c Beta 1by-designRich DeRuiter
Bug: Expansion in copied text loses visibility of original intended text4.0d Beta 2fixedMJ Smith4.0d Beta 4
Bug: Export not providing file extension if filename contains a period4.0b Beta 2confirmedPaulFelix, Rosie Perera
Bug: Export Search to Microsoft problem4.2a Beta 3fixedClifford
Bug: Extra space included at end of replacement for [VerseText] token in Copy Bible Verses4.0c Beta 2confirmedRosie Perera
Bug: Favorites without expansion space4.0c Beta 1confirmedMJ Smith
Bug: Fields shown in Search are incorrect or incomplete4.0c RC1fixedDave Hooton4.0d
Bug: Filter Highlights does not show active Bible references4.0c Beta 2invalidJohn Brumett
Bug: Find all forms doesn’t4.0c Beta 4confirmedMJ Smith
Bug: Find box obscures its own results4.0a/b/cconfirmedDave Hooton
Bug: Fix libronixdls protocol upon startup if set to launch L34.0c Beta 3fixedRosie Perera4.0d
Bug: Focus doesn’t go back to Bible window after ESC to close Quick compare versions4.0b Beta 2fixedRosie Perera4.0b Beta 10
Bug: Font does not display correctly in BHQ apparatus4.0a Beta 3fixedDamian McGrath4.0d
Bug: Foreign language search inconsistencies4.0c Beta 4confirmedMJ Smith
Bug: Format problems in handout – superscript and underline4.0d Beta 4respondedMJ Smith
Bug: Forward & Back links not updated on linked titles4.0b Beta 11confirmedNigel Cunningham
Bug: Full Indexing is cancelled when a download fails4.0bconfirmedDave Hooton
Bug: Further fixes needed to replacement tokens in CBV4.0c Beta 2by-designRosie Perera
Bug: God’s Word translation skip first verse of each psalm when used with a Reading Plan4.0a SR-2fixedPeter Li
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Status Codes

status meaning
pending Awaiting review by Logos personnel
confirmed Reproduced by Logos; awaiting resolution
invalid Logos can’t reproduce the bug; or not a valid report
by-design This behavior is by design; it will not be changed
fixed Fixed in a newer version of the software
wont-fix This is a bug, but it won’t be fixed (at least not soon)

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