Bug: Passage Guide keeps switching from Zechariah 12 to Nahum 3:18-19 when scrolling through a commentary

When scrolling through “Commentary of the Old Testament” (Keil&Delitzsch), Logos keeps jumping/switching from the passage I’m working on (e.g. from Zechariah 12) to Nahum 3:18-19, and sometimes back. I have tried several times to restart Logos, or to unlink all books and then reconnect them in linked set A. But to no avail...

I am using a linked set with some Bibles (NKJV, AV, NBG1951, ESV, SVV), two commentaries (The Outline Bible, Commentary of the Old Testament), with or without the Text Comparison window.

It was suggested that the cause lies in wrong verse tagging of the commentary. While scrolling through the commentary, the page itself doesn’t jump, but the textfield indicating the passage does change from Zechariah 12 to Nahum 3:18-19. Maybe this then caused other windows/tabs within the same linked set to jump to the passage in Nahum?

I found this bug on Logos 4 for Mac, and confirmed it only partly on Logos 4 for Windows. The Windows version just shows the wrong verse tagging in Text Comparison, but I didn’t notice any jumping/switching around, fortunately.

Thanks a lot for Logos 4, and keep up the good work!

Software version: 4.0c Beta 4.
Reported by Samuel Jonathan.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/p/46872/348836.aspx#348836
Status: pending

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