4.0c Beta 4

Logos 4.0c Beta 4 (v4.03.3.8689) was released on April 16, 2010.

Bug Fixes

  • Collections
  • Guides
    • Added auto-scrolling to guides when dragging a section.
    • Fixed Guide template editor scrolling issues.
    • Removed second layer from Topics List in Passage Guide.
  • Highlighting
  • Home Page
  • Notes
    • Added ‘Full’ | ‘Compact’ buttons to the Note document title line, replacing ‘Compact View’.
    • Left and right margins are smaller, to give the note content more horizontal space.
    • Made Compact view more compact.
  • Passage Lists
    • Improved user interface.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed bug that prevented arrowing to parallel resource, and could cause a crash, when page number was the active reference.
    • Navigate by Highlighting now supports the new palette-specific filter in resources.
    • “Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series: Volume VII” now displays Parallel Resources on the Parallel Resource Set drop-down. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/14863.aspx)
    • Removed ‘Default’ button on ‘Display’ button drop-down in Reverse Interlinear Bibles.
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Fixed bug that caused indented text to be pasted into the rich text editor with a negative left margin (text cut off on the left).
    • Fixed bug that prevented detection of reference hyperlinks for ‘1-3 John’ in rich text editor.
    • Font style is no longer modified when copy/pasting within the rich text editor.
  • Search
    • Fixed bug that caused the ‘All Text’ filter to be ignored when graphing results.
    • Expanding/collapsing ‘Search Fields’ on “All Text” drop-down no longer re-runs the search.
    • Replaced the ‘All’ button with a ‘Clear’ button, that always clears selections, on ‘All Text’ drop-down.
  • Self Tests
    • Resource titles at the top of exam and quiz panels now link back to the resource.

Known Issues

  • For Self Tests:
    • The LDLS3 version of M2120SW.lbxlls (from 2005) needs to be replaced by an updated version. Otherwise, opening Exam 4 will cause Logos 4 to crash.
    • The courses in the self tests tool are collapsible, but the settings are not saved in Beta 4.
  • For Highlighting:
    • The “Before” label text will inherit the color of the text to which markup is applied.

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