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Click Create New Page on the right, then paste in the following template:

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! libraryBug: Short Description

Summary of bug goes here.

Phone Used: [[libraryversion::your version]].
Reported by [[libraryreporter::Your Name]].
Forum link: [[librarythread::]]
Status: [[librarystatus::pending]]
{{?set librarybug::0}}

New Bugs

library.logosBug: Login Required TwiceBlackberry CurveJacob Hantla

All Bugs

library.logosBug: Login Required TwiceBlackberry CurvependingJacob Hantla

Status Codes

status meaning
pending Awaiting review by Logos personnel
confirmed Reproduced by Logos; awaiting resolution
invalid Logos can’t reproduce the bug; or not a valid report
by-design This behavior is by design; it will not be changed
fixed Fixed in a newer version of the software
wont-fix This is a bug, but it won’t be fixed (at least not soon)

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