Bug: In Passage List, Bible references/ranges are only accepted once in the text field; cannot be moved around without doubling though.

In Passage List, I noticed that certain Bible references were not accepted, or so I thought. Turns out that I had already included them earlier on in my list. It is not possible to enter Bible references twice. It is possible however, to drag and drop Bible references, which has the effect of doubling the passage (instead of moving it).

Can this be regarded as a bug? Or is this by design / desired behavior? I certainly would like to be able to add some verses/passages more than once sometimes; and also I’d like to be able to move verses around within the Passage List, without them doubling with each drag&drop!

Steps to recreate:
1. Create a Passage List and fill it up with some Bible references/ranges.
2. Try to enter the same Bible references twice (it doesn’t get accepted).
3. Try to move a Bible reference around within the Passage List, by drag&drop (the reference gets doubled with each move).

Currently, I’m using Logos 4 for Windows; didn’t yet confirm this on Mac OS X.

Thanks for Logos 4 and keep up the good work!

Software version: 4.0c Beta 4.
Reported by Samuel Jonathan.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/p/52059/382399.aspx#382399
Status: pending

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