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Books Missing Page Numbers
R. C. Sproul Books
Cornelius Van Til Books
John MacArthur Books
IVP New Testament Commentaries
IVP Background Commentaries
Other Books

Books Missing Headword Indexing
Books Missing Bible Verse Indexing
Books Missing Navigable Table of Contents
Other Missing Indexes

Books Missing Page Numbers

Nearly all of the books Logos has produced in the last several years include pagination, but some older books are missing page numbers. If your favorite book is missing page numbers, add it below.

R. C. Sproul Books

  1. Annotated Bibliography of R.C. Sproul’s Works
  2. Before the Face of God, Book 1: A Daily Guide for Living from the Book of Romans
  3. Before the Face of God, Book 2: A Daily Guide for Living from the Gospel of Luke
  4. Before the Face of God, Book 3: A Daily Guide for Living from the Old Testament
  5. Choosing My Religion
  6. Doubt and Assurance
  7. Essential Truths of the Christian Faith
  8. Following Christ
  9. The Glory of Christ
  10. If There’s a God, Why Are There Atheists?
  11. The Intimate Marriage
  12. The Last Days According to Jesus
  13. The Mystery of the Holy Spirit
  14. Renewing Your Mind: Basic Christian Beliefs You Need to Know
  15. R. C. Sproul’s Chapters from Symposium Volumes
  16. Selected Articles from “Tabletalk” Magazine
  17. The Soul’s Quest for God
  18. Ultimate Issues

Cornelius Van Til Books

  1. Christ and the Jews
  2. A Christian Theory of Knowledge
  3. Christianity and Barthianism
  4. Common Grace
  5. New Synthesis of the Netherlands
  6. The Articles of Cornelius Van Til
  7. The Dutch Articles of Cornelius Van Til
  8. The Pamphlets, Tracts, and Offprints of Cornelius Van Til
  9. Reviews by Cornelius Van Til
  10. The Sermons and Addresses of Cornelius Van Til
  11. Unpublished Manuscripts of Cornelius Van Til
  12. A Guide to the Writings of Cornelius Van Til 1895–1987 by Eric D. Bristley
  13. Introduction to the Works of Cornelius Van Til 1895–1987 by Eric H. Sigward, editor
  14. Jerusalem and Athens by E. R. Geehan, editor

John MacArthur Books

  1. Gospel According to Jesus
  2. How to Study the Bible
  3. Strange Fire

IVP New Testament Commentaries

  1. The first (thirteen) volumes that Logos produced:
  2. Matthew, Galatians, 1 Peter, James, Hebrews, Luke, Acts, Ephesians, 1-3 John, 2 Corinthians, 1-2 Timothy & Titus, Colossians & Philemon, Revelation

IVP Background Commentaries & Dictionaries

  1. The IVP Bible Background Commentary New Testament – Craig S. Keener
  2. The IVP Bible Background Commentary Old Testament – John H. Walton, Victor H. Matthews & Mark W. Chavalas


  1. Dictionary of Christianity in America
  2. Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
  3. Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  4. The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary

Other Books

  1. Believer’s Bible Commentary – MacDonald & Farstad
  2. Christian History Magazine
  3. College Press NIV Commentary: Matthew – Larry Chouinard
  4. A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments
  5. The Complete Guide to Bible Versions – Philip Comfort
  6. The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer (entire volume is missing page numbers)
  7. Evangelical Commentary on the Bible, edited by Walter Elwell
  8. Evangelical Review of Theology, Volumes 23-29 (possibly more, but not all, those are the only ones confirmed)
  9. The Five Books of Moses – Everett Fox
  10. History of Israel – John Bright
  11. John Calvin: A Pilgrim’s Life – Herman Selderhuis
  12. Institutes of the Christian Religion – John Calvin
  13. Matthew Henry’s commentary on the whole Bible
  14. The Minor Prophets – Hampton Keathley
  15. New Bible Commentary : 21st Century Edition. 4th ed.; D. A. Carson
  16. The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology; T. Desmond Alexander and Brian S. Rosner
  17. Old Testament Survey Series – James E. Smith
  18. The Pilgrim’s Progress – LLS:10.10.1, Pilgrim.logos4
  19. The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction and Commentary. J. Alec Motyer.
  20. A Quest for Godliness; JI Packer
  21. Sermons on Several Occasions – John Wesley
  22. A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections – Jonathan Edwards (standalone book, not Edwards ‘Works’)
  23. Word Pictures in the NT
  24. The Jerusalem Talmud

Books Missing Headword Indexing

  1. 1000 Illustrations that Connect, Larson
  2. AMG Bible Illustrations
  3. Anecdotes and Illustrations, Torrey
  4. Encyclopedia of 7000 Illustrations, Tan
  5. Find It Fast in the Bible
  6. Illustrations for Biblical Preaching, Green
  7. My Favorite Illustrations, Hobbs
  8. Nelson’s Complete Book of Stories, Illustrations, and Quotes, Morgan
  9. New Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations, Water
  10. Speaker’s Sourcebook of New Illustrations, Hurley
  11. The Tale of the Tardy Oxcart and 1,501 Other Stories

Books Missing Bible Verse Indexing

  1. 4000 Questions and Answers on the Bible
  2. All the Questions in the Bible
  3. Analytical Handbook of the Greek Text of the Letter to the Philippians
  4. Baffled to Fight Better (Job) – Oswald Chambers
  5. The Beatitudes – Pink
  6. The Bible Knowledge Commentary (outlines not linked to the Bible text)
  7. Bible Studies – Adolf Deissmann (Missing Index of Greek Words the book covers)
  8. Dictionary of Bible Themes: The Accessible and Comprehensive Tool for Topical Studies. (Martin Manser)
  9. An Exposition of Ephesians – Lloyd-Jones
  10. The Finished Work of Christ: The Truth of Romans 1-8
  11. God’s Masterpiece – Gaebelein
  12. Hebrews Through a Hebrew’s Eyes – Sacks
  13. International Theological Commentary (27 Vols.)
  14. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World – Carson
  15. Joel: The Day of the Lord (commentary, missing Bible index)
  16. Malachi: Messenger of Rebuke and Renewal (commentary, missing Bible index)
  17. The Most High God – Showers (setup as commentary type but bible index is missing)
  18. Not Knowing Where (Gen 12-25) – Oswald Chambers
  19. Sermon Outlines on the Book of Proverbs – Wood (recently was made a “Bible Commentary” type; but missing Bible index)
  20. Shade of His Hand (Ecclesiastes) – Oswald Chambers
  21. Sheffield/T & T Clark Bible Guides Collection (44 Vols.)
  22. Studies in the Sermon on the Mount – Oswald Chambers
  23. The Treasury of David (volumes 1 through 5) – Spurgeon
  24. The Works of Josephus: New Updated Edition
  25. Zondervan Dictionary of Bible Themes

Books Missing Navigable Table of Contents

  1. Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
  2. Exploring the Old Testament – Schultz & Smith

Other Missing Indexes

  1. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged (Greek Strong’s Number and TDNT number)

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