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What is the Cited By Tool?

  • The Cited by Tool will locate citations in resources for the scripture passage or word or number that is shown in the reference box.
    • You select which resources groups that you want shown in the Cited By tool (see below).
    • Hits for a resource groups are shown in the Cited By tool, when you click to expand a resource group. Logos4 will search through those resource for your citation (you may see a progress indicator while Logos4 is searching). If hits are found then Logos4 expands that resource group showing you hits that it found for your citation. These are linked to each resource, thus allowing you to click on them and open that resource to where your citation was found.
    • When hits are found within a resource group Logos4 will show up to 5 hits for a resource group. If more hits were found then a More link will be active after the last hit for that resource group. If you click on the More link, then Logos4 will open a Search panel and search for your citation within your resources for your resource group.

      Hint: To see more of your hits within the Cited By tool, you could create a collection or tag which contained a single book or series. This would allow you to select each collection as a resource group and show up to 5 hits per resource group (book).

  • Your citation will generally be a Bible reference. But Logos4 also supports reference to other sources (e.g. Quram) as well as key words.
    • When you type in a word into the reference box Logos4 will show you a drop down list to help you locate what citation that you want to use.



How do I Open the Cited By tool?

  1. Click on Tools in the top menu.
  2. Click on Cited By on the right side of the drop down menu.


Window options

  • When you click on the Cited By window icon (as shown below #1), you will see the Cited By window options.

Expanded/Compressed View

  • You can select one of the following.


  • Expanded produces more info from a citation (example below)


  • Compressed produces only the reference info for the citation (example below)


Sorting Order

  • Sort by results by search rank, sorts the results for each resource by how close to the exact Bible passage was found.
  • Sort results by book, sorts the results according to the specific resource (book).


Resources to show in Cited By

  • This section allows you to select which resource groups that are visible in the Cited By tool.
    • When you check a resource group, it will be shown in the Cited By tool.
    • Please pay attention to the vertical scrollbar for this section. It allows you to view all the available resource groups.
    • You can change the order that your resource groups appear in the Cited By tool by dragging a resource group to your desired position.
  • Resource groups that show up in this section are:
    • Logos4 provides some standard groups: All Open Resources, All Bibles, Entire Library, etc.
    • Logos4 will show all your Collections that you have created.
    • Logos4 will show all Tags that you have created.
    • Logos4 will show resources in your Library which are a Series (see this article on Library columns, if you select the Series column Logos4 will show you which resource series you have).



Linking Cited By

  • Linking Cited By works the same as most tools in Logos4.


  • Follow allows Cited By to follow which ever resource that you click (resources which are navigated via Bible passages).
  • When Follow is selected, an Astrix appears in the window’s icon as shown below.


  • When linked to one of the standard Letters, it follows the Bible passage which the resource has in its reference box.
  • See Linking Resources.
  • If you are not familiar with Linking, please watch this video Bibles and Commentaries found at Logos4 Videos. About half way through it, it discusses Linking. Linking is a feature in Logos4 which links different resources together so that they will track each other (as you move along in a Bible then if the commentary is linked, it will track where you are in the Bible).


  • When None is selected, it follows what ever passage appears in the reference box. This might come in handy when you want to search for citations on a particular passage. This would also work well when you want to use it from a Pop-up Menu (when you right click on a selection in a resource and you get a Pop-up Menu [Reference only]).

Pop-up Menu

  • When you select a word or series of words in a resource and click the right mouse button, a Pop-up Menu appears. Now if you select Reference (on the right side of the Pop-up), you should see Cited By on the left side of the Pop-up Menu. Then when you click it, the Bible passage will appear in Cited By and it will search for pertinent citations.


What does the Search button do?

  • The Search button will open the search tool (in a new Tab) to search for the Bible passage showing in the reference box. It will have the search tool search your Entire Library.



  • The More link can appear under any of the categories that you have being shown when there are several citations showing for that category. When you click on the more link, it will open the search tool (in a new Tab) to search for the Bible passage showing in the reference box. This is much like the Search button. But the difference is that the search tool will search only the resource range (e.g. All Open Resources, Entire Library, specific collection) which it is under.



How can I view a compressed link’s info?

  1. Hover your mouse over a link.
  2. A pop-up information box will appear with some information for that link.



User’s suggestions

  • fgh recommends watching this video found in this post.

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