Logos Running Slowly

Is Logos running unacceptably slowly for you? Some people have experienced this. Here are some suggestions which together should improve the performance dramatically. Try them in no particular order, depending on what is easiest for you.

Some tweaks in Logos

These tweaks have been identified which have improved performance for people who have had performance issues despite perfectly good hardware.
  • Opening fewer resources at same time is faster and more effective for Bible Study
  • Collapsing guide section(s) can improve speed.
  • You can remove the Word by Word section for faster scrolling in Exegetical Guide, but it is more practical to tweak its Settings to limit the output.
  • Customize Passage Guide to remove Internet sections like PowerPointSermons.com, SermonAudio.com, SermonCentral.com.
  • If your study doesn’t require the Internet then set “Use Internet” to “No” in Tools > Program Settings
    • Note: You will need to close Logos and start it back up again for this change to take effect
  • Turn off the (resource) Visual filter for “Emphasize Active References” (was “Links to Open Panels”). This causes some performance degradation, particularly in some resources. Try turning it off in each resource and see if it makes any difference.

Disable anti-virus on-access scanning of Logos files

  • Since Logos is hard drive intensive an anti-virus (or even some backup utilities) scanning files as you use them can really slow the program down. Exempting the Logos folder from this scan in your anti-virus program can restore lost performance. Please note that not all AV programs use this protection strategy, consult the help file/documentation to find out if it does and if so how to add the following exemption:
    • Windows 8/10: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Logos
    • Mac OS X: Users<UserName>/Library/Application Support/Logos4

Upgrade your computer’s hardware

  • If you have less than the minimum system requirements to run Logos, then you’ll need to upgrade to more memory and/or a faster computer.
  • Even if you have the minimum requirements, upgrading to the recommended requirements would help, especially if you have lots of resources and like to work with lots of them open at once.
  • Get a faster video card for older sysytems as this can make a difference.

Some tweaks for Windows

- If you don’t have a Tablet PC, turn off the “Tablet PC Input Service”

This can take up needless CPU cycles and memory unless disabled:

  • Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  • Scroll down to “Tablet PC Input Services” and double-click on it (in XP this is called “Ink Services”)
  • Change Startup Type to “Disabled”
  • Close Services and restart your computer.
- Set your Page file size manually.

If system managed, your Page file will be resized based on demand. This can affect Logos performance. Setting a custom size page file will limit file fragmentation and consequently improve application response.

  • Control Panel > System > Advanced Settings > Performance > Settings > Advanced > Change
  • Select a hard disk (better if not your primary disk)
  • Select Custom size and enter desired size of your Page file (about half your physical memory) – SSD Optimization is disabling Page file when you have adequate physical memory (since out of memory errors can crash computer)
  • Click Set
  • After clicking OK you will have to restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

Mac OS tweaks

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