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This is a list of the bible book names that Logos uses internally. It can be helpful in Personal Books where book names may be problematic in non-English resources or interfaces.

To use as a scripture reference the syntax is [[Name.chapter.verse]] e.g. [[Matt 15:2 >> bible.61.15.2]]. However, if you want to designate a specific versification scheme (the one used by your bible) then use the Internal Name from Bible Datatypes instead of bible e.g. [[Matt 15:2 (NA27) >> bible+na27.61.15.2]].

This syntax can also be used for milestones e.g. [[@bible+na27.61.15.2]].

Book Logos Name
Genesis bible.1
Exodus bible.2
Leviticus bible.3
Numbers bible.4
Deuteronomy bible.5
Joshua bible.6
Judges bible.7
Ruth bible.8
1 Samuel bible.9
2 Samuel bible.10
1 Kings bible.11
2 Kings bible.12
1 Chronicles bible.13
2 Chronicles bible.14
Ezra bible.15
Nehemiah bible.16
Esther bible.17
Job bible.18
Psalm bible.19
Proverbs bible.20
Ecclesiastes bible.21
Song of Solomon bible.22
Isaiah bible.23
Jeremiah bible.24
Lamentations bible.25
Ezekiel bible.26
Daniel bible.27
Hosea bible.28
Joel bible.29
Amos bible.30
Obadiah bible.31
Jonah bible.32
Micah bible.33
Nahum bible.34
Habakkuk bible.35
Zephaniah bible.36
Haggai bible.37
Zechariah bible.38
Malachi bible.39
Tobit bible.40
Judith bible.41
Additions to Esther bible.42
Wisdom of Solomon bible.43
Sirach bible.44
Baruch bible.45
Letter of Jeremiah bible.46
Song of Three Youths bible.47
Susanna bible.48
Bel and the Dragon bible.49
1 Maccabees bible.50
2 Maccabees bible.51
1 Esdras bible.52
Prayer of Manasseh bible.53
Additional Psalm bible.54
3 Maccabees bible.55
2 Esdras bible.56
4 Maccabees bible.57
Ode bible.58
Psalms of Solomon bible.59
Epistle to the Laodiceans bible.60
Matthew bible.61
Mark bible.62
Luke bible.63
John bible.64
Acts bible.65
Romans bible.66
1 Corinthians bible.67
2 Corinthians bible.68
Galatians bible.69
Ephesians bible.70
Philippians bible.71
Colossians bible.72
1 Thessalonians bible.73
2 Thessalonians bible.74
1 Timothy bible.75
2 Timothy bible.76
Titus bible.77
Philemon bible.78
Hebrews bible.79
James bible.80
1 Peter bible.81
2 Peter bible.82
1 John bible.83
2 John bible.84
3 John bible.85
Jude bible.86
Revelation bible.87
Enoch bible.88
Plea for Deliverance bible.89
Apostrophe to Zion bible.90
Eschatological Hymn bible.91
Apostrophe to Judah bible.92
Hymn to the Creator bible.93
David’s Compositions bible.94
Apocryphal Psalms bible.95
Apocalypse of Baruch bible.96
Epistle of Baruch bible.97
Additions to Daniel bible.98
2 Baruch bible.99
4 Ezra bible.100
Catena bible.101
Psalm 151A bible.102
Psalm 151B bible.103

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