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This page provides a full list of Bible Datatypes, as they stand in Logos 8.0. Knowing the datatypes can be useful when producing bibles as Personal Books. A complete list of which verses are supported by which datatypes can be found on the Bible Verse Maps page.

Internal Name Datatype name Index Name Where used (Bible/Resource)
bible Bible Bible Arabic Bible, Cotton Patch, 1890 Darby, Elzevir (1624), Giovanni Diodati, God’s Word, ISV, The Message, NCV, NET, Newberry Interlinear, NIrV, NIV (Anglicised), Peshitta, Sahidic NT, Scrivener’s TR (1894), Stephen’s TR (1550), Swanson WH, TENT Greek Manuscripts, Tischendorf (plus variant), TNIV, WuestNT, Young’s Literal
bible+4e2b Bible4E2B
bible+abuv1913 BibleABUV1913 Bible (ABUV1913) The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments (American Bible Union Version)
bible+afr1933 BibleAFR1933 Bible (AFR1933) Die Bybel: Ou Vertaling 1933/53
bible+afr1983 BibleAFR1983 Bible (AFR1983) Afrikaanse Nuwe Vertaling 1983
bible+akesons BibleAKESONS Bible (AKESONS) Bibeln översatt av Helge Åkeson
bible+alfnt BibleALFNT Bible (ALFNT) Greek Testament: An Exegetical and Critical Commentary (Alford)
bible+almeida1819 BibleALMEIDA1819
bible+apok82 BibleAPOK82 Bible (APOK82) Tillägg Till GT-82: De apokryfa eller deuterokanoniska skrifterna
bible+ara BibleARA Bible (ARA) Almeida Revista e Atualizada
bible+arc BibleARC Bible (ARC) Almeida Revista e Corrigida
bible+at BibleAT Bible (AT) Alpha Text of Esther as published in the Göttingen Septuagint
bible+at2 BibleAT2 Bible (AT2) Alpha Text of Esther that begins with Chapter 1 instead of Chapter A
bible+b2000 Superceded See bible+bl2000
bible+b21 BibleB21 Bible (B21) Bible, preklad 21. stoleti (Czech Bible 21st Century Edition)
bible+bba BibleBBA
bible+bcp1662 BibleBCP1662 Bible (BCP1662) The Book of Common Prayer, 1662: Psalter
bible+bcp1928 BibleBCP1928 Bible (BCP1928) The Book of Common Prayer, 1928: Psalter
bible+bcp1979 BibleBCP1979 Bible (BCP1979) The Book of Common Prayer, 1979: Psalter
bible+bfc BibleBFC Bible (BFC) La Bible en Français Courant (Nouvelle édition révisée 1997)
bible+bhs BibleBHS Bible (BHS) AFAT, BHQ, BHS Morph, BHS/SESB2.0, BHS/WIVU, BHS/WHM 4.2, BHS/WTS 4.0, BHS/WTS 3.5, Five Books of Moses, Fox, LHI, Targums (CAL), Tov’s LXX/MT Parallel Variants
bible+bhs2 BibleBHS2 Bible (JPS) Tanakh, The Holy Scriptures (Jewish Publication Society 1985, 1997)
bible+bht BibleBHT
bible+bibel82 BibleBIBEL82 Bible (BIBEL82) Bibel-82, 1917, Svenska Folkbibeln, BOKEN, Giertz, KR-1933/38, Raamattu (1933, 1938)
bible+bjl BibleBJL Bible (BJL) Biblia de Jerusalén Latinoamericana (2007)
bible+bl2000 BibleBL2000 Bible (B2000) Bibel 2000
bible+bnp BibleBNP Bible (BNP) La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo (2006)
bible+brenton BibleBRENTON Bible (LXX-B) The Septuagint Version of the OT (Brenton)
bible+buber BibleBUBER Bible (Buber) Die Schrift des Alten Testaments (Buber/Rosenzweig)
bible+byz BibleBYZ Bible (BYZTXT) Byzantine Textform 2005
bible+camgt BibleCAMGT Bible (CAMGT) Cambridge Greek Testament: Greek Text
bible+cap BibleCAP Bible (CAP) The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English (Charles)
bible+cbg BibleCBG Bible (CBG) Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis: Greek Transcriptions
bible+cbl BibleCBL Bible (CBL) Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis: Latin Transcriptions
bible+ceb BibleCEB Bible (CEB) Common English Bible
bible+cjb BibleCJB Bible (CJB) See bible+ut for Complete Jewish Bible
bible+cnv BibleCNV
bible+codexs BibleCODEXS Bible (CODEXS) Codex Sinaiticus: Septuagint and New Testament
bible+crampon BibleCRAMPON
bible+csb BibleCSB
bible+csb2 BibleCSB2 Bible (CSB2) Christian Standard Bible Reverse Interlinears
bible+cuv BibleCUV
bible+cuv2 BibleCUV2
bible+danbib BibleDANBIB Bible (DANBIB) Den Hellige Skrifts Kanoniske Bøger
bible+danclv BibleDANCLV Bible (DANCLV) Bibelen. Den hellige Skrifts kanoniske Bøger
bible+darfr BibleDARFR
bible+dhs BibleDHS
bible+dkv BibleDKV
bible+dr BibleDR Bible (DR) Douay-Rheims Bible
bible+dss BibleDSS Bible (DSS) Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) Database/Hebrew
bible+dssb BibleDSSB Bible (DSSB) The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible
bible+dss2002 BibleDSS2002 Bible (DSS2002) The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible
bible+ehsg BibleEHSG
bible+einheit BibleEINHEIT Bible (Einheit) Die Bibel Einheitsübersetzung der Heiligen Schrift
bible+elber BibleELBER Bible (Elber) Die Bibel Elberfelder Übersetzung (revidierte Fassung)
bible+elber1905 BibleELBER1905 Bible (Elber1905)
bible+eobnt BibleEOBNT Bible (EOBNT) The Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible: New Testament
bible+erk BibleERK Bible (ERK)
bible+esv BibleESV Bible (ESV) ESV, Lexham HDNT (ESV)
bible+esv2 BibleESV2
bible+expnt BibleEXPNT Bible (EXPNT) The Expanded Bible:New Testament (2009)
bible+figueiredo1885 BibleFIGUEIREDO1885
bible+geneva BibleGENEVA Bible (GENEVA) Geneva Bible
bible+gnb BibleGNB Bible (GNB) Good News Translation
bible+gnbnr BibleGNBNR Bible (GNB-NR) Gute Nachricht Bibel in neuer Rechtschreibung
bible+gnt BibleGNT Bible (GNT) The Good News Translation with Apocrypha
bible+gp BibleGP Bible (GP) Old Testament Greek Pseudepigrapha with Morphology
bible+grail BibleGRAIL
bible+gudsord BibleGUDSORD
bible+hb BibleHB Bible (HB) The Hebrew Bible with support for the book of Sirach (Ben Sira)
bible+hcsb BibleHCSB Bible (HCSB) Holman Christian Standard Bible (2003)
bible+hfa BibleHFA
bible+huerv BibleHUERV
bible+isv BibleISV Bible (ISV) International Standard Version
bible+jfa BibleJFA Bible (JFA) João Ferreira de Almeida Edição Atualizada
bible+jps1917 BibleJPS1917 Bible (JPS1917) Tanakh, The Holy Scriptures (Jewish Publication Society, 1917)
bible+kcb BibleKCB
bible+kjv BibleKJV Bible (KJV) ASV, Cambridge Paragraph Bible (AV 1873), CWSB, KJV (1769, 1900), KJV Apoc
bible+kjv2 BibleKJV2
bible+kjv66 BibleKJV66
bible+konctb BibleKONCTB
bible+konkrv BibleKONKRV
bible+konksv BibleKONKSV
bible+krv BibleKRV
bible+lbo BibleLBO
bible+lc BibleLC Bible (LC) Biblia Hebraica Westmonasteriensis with Westminster Hebrew Morphology (2013)
bible+leb BibleLEB Bible (LEB) The Lexham English Bible
bible+leb2 BibleLEB2
bible+leeser1891 BibleLEESER1891 Bible (LEESER1891) The Twenty-Four Books of the Holy Scriptures
bible+longman1864 BibleLONGMAN1864 Bible (LONGMAN1864) Jewish School and Family Bible
bible+lp BibleLP
bible+lsg BibleLSG Bible (LSG) La Sainte Bible (Louis Segond)
bible+lu1545 BibleLU1545 Bible (LUT1545) Luther Bibel (1545)
bible+lu1912 BibleLU1912 Bible (LUT1912) Luther Bibel (1912)
bible+lutbib1984 BibleLUTBIB1984 Bible (LUT1984) Die Bibel nach der Übersetzung Martin Luthers (1984)
bible+lutbib2017 BibleLUTBIB2017
bible+lxx BibleLXX Bible (LXX-R) Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) Database/Greek, Lexham LXX, Septuagint Alternate Texts (Rahlfs), Septuagint with Logos Morphology (Rahlfs)
bible+lxx2 BibleLXX2 Bible (LXX-S) The Old Testament in Greek (Swete)
bible+lxx2a BibleLXX2A Bible (LXX-S2) The Old Testament in Greek – Alternate Texts (Swete)
bible+lxxg BibleLXXG Bible (LXX-G) Septuaginta (Göttingen)
bible+lxxmtpar BibleLXXMTPAR Bible (LXXMTPAR) The Parallel Aligned Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Texts (Tov)
bible+lxxscs BibleLXXSCS
bible+martin BibleMARTIN
bible+menge BibleMENGE Bible (MENGE) Die Heilige Schrift übersetzt von Hermann Menge
bible+mt BibleMT
bible+na27 BibleNA27 Bible (NA) Det Nye Testamentet 2005 (Bokmål), Det Nye Testamentet 2005 (Nynorsk), GNT 4th, NA26, NA27, NA27 Int, NA27 w/Apparatus, NA27 w/GRAMCORD, NA27 w/GRAMCORD Int, NA28, Lexham Clausal Outlines, Lexham Discourse GNT, LGNTI, Lexham SGNT, GNT
bible+nab BibleNAB Bible (NAB) New American Bible
bible+nabre BibleNABRE Bible (NABRE) New American Bible: Revised Edition
bible+nasb95 BibleNASB95 Bible (NASB95) New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update
bible+nbg BibleNBG Bible (NBG) Bijbel (Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap-Vertaling 1951)
bible+nbmst BibleNBMST Bible (NO78-85) Bibelen NO 78/85 (Bokmål), Bibelen NO 78/85 (Nynorsk)
bible+nbs BibleNBS Bible (NBS) La Nouvelle Bible Segond, édition d’étude
bible+nbv BibleNBV Bible (NBV) De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling
bible+ncv BibleNCV Bible (NCV) New Century Version (2005)
bible+neb BibleNEB Bible (NEB) The New English Bible
bible+net BibleNET Bible (NET) The NET Bible
bible+neu BibleNEU
bible+newcome BibleNEWCOME Bible (NEWCOME) An Attempt toward Revising our English Translation of the Greek Scriptures
bible+niv BibleNIV Bible (NIV) New International Version (1984, 2011)
bible+njb BibleNJB Bible (NJB) New Jerusalem Bible
bible+nkjv BibleNKJV Bible (NKJV) New King James Version
bible+nlt BibleNLT Bible (NLT) New Living Traslation
bible+nlv BibleNLV Bible (NLV) Nuwe Lewende Vertaling
bible+no2011 BibleNO2011
bible+nrsv BibleNRSV Bible (NRSV) The New Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha
bible+nrsvce BibleNRSVCE Bible (NRSVCE) The New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
bible+ntlh BibleNTLH Bible (NTLH) Nova Tradução na Linguagem de Hoje
bible+nvi BibleNVI
bible+nvul BibleNVUL Bible (N-VUL) Nova Vulgata
bible+osg BibleOSG Bible (OSG) Old Syrian Gospels, Codex Curetonianus and Codex Sinaiticus
bible+otp BibleOTP Bible (OTP) Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Charlesworth)
bible+palfrey BiblePALFREY Bible (PALFREY) The New Testament in the Common Version
bible+passion BiblePASSION Bible (PASSION) The Passion Translation
bible+patr BiblePATR Bible (PATR) New Testament Patriarchal Text (ANTONIADIS TEXT) 1904
bible+pdv BiblePDV
bible+pesh BiblePESH Bible (PESH) Peshitta (ancient Syriac)
bible+pesh2 BiblePESH2 Bible (PESH2) Leiden Peshitta Electronic Text Project
bible+pijin BiblePIJIN Bible (PIJIN) HOLI BAEBOL, wetem Diutrokanon (Pijin Bible)
bible+psalmsofdavid BiblePSALMSOFDAVID Bible (PSALMSOFDAVID) The Psalms of David: Translated from the Septuagint Greek
bible+raa1933 BibleRAA1933 Bible (RAA1933) Raamattu (Finnish Bible 1933/38)
bible+rcuv BibleRCUV Bible (RCUV) Revised Chinese Union Version – Old and New Testament
bible+reb BibleREB Bible (REB) Revised English Bible
bible+rmnt BibleRMNT Bible (RMNT) Russian Modern New Testament
bible+rst BibleRST Bible (RST) Russian Synodal Translation 1956
bible+rst2 BibleRST2 Bible (RST1995) Russian Synodal Translation 1995
bible+rsv BibleRSV Bible (RSV) Revised Standard Version
bible+rsvce BibleRSVCE Bible (RSVCE) Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
bible+ruerv BibleRUERV
bible+rv1909 BibleRV1909 Bible (RV1909) Reina-Valera (1909)
bible+rva BibleRVA Bible (RVA) Reina-Valera Actualizad (1989)
bible+rvg BibleRVG
bible+rvr60 BibleRVR60 Bible (RVR60) Reina-Valera Revisada (1960), Reina-Valera 1995
bible+rvr95 BibleRVR95 Bible (RVR95) La Biblia del Siglo de Oro (1995)
bible+sawyer1861 BibleSAWYER1861 Bible (SAWYER1861) The New Testament, Translated from the Original Greek, with Chronological Arrangement of the Sacred Books, and Improved Divisions of Chapters and Verses
bible+sb2014 BibleSB2014
bible+sblgnt BibleSBLGNT Bible (SBLGNT) The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition, LGNTI:SBL
bible+schlacter2000 BibleSCHLACTER2000
bible+scriv BibleSCRIV Bible (SCRIV) The New Testament in Greek (Scrivener 1881)
bible+sem BibleSEM
bible+sepedi2000 BibleSEPEDI2000
bible+ser BibleSER
bible+shen BibleSHEN
bible+smith1876 BibleSMITH1876 Bible (SMITH1876) The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally from the Original Tongues
bible+sndbl2012 BibleSNDBL2012
bible+spurrell1885 BibleSPURRELL1885 Bible (SPURRELL1885) A Translation of the Old Testament Scriptures from the Original Hebrew
bible+srerv BibleSRERV
bible+svv BibleSVV Bible (SVV) Statenvertaling
bible+tb BibleTB Bible (TB) Traducao Brasileira
bible+tgv BibleTGV Bible (TGV) Today’s Greek Version
bible+thb1973 BibleTHB1973 Bible (THB1973) Thai Holy Bible (1973)
bible+tisch BibleTISCH Bible (TISCH) Novum Testamentum Graece
bible+tlv BibleTLV
bible+tob-hl BibleTOBHL Bible (TOB-HL) Two Unknown Hebrew Versions of Tobit 1897
bible+tob2010 BibleTOB2010
bible+tobible BibleTOBIBLE Bible (TOB) Traduction Oecuménique de la Bible
bible+tongan BibleTONGAN Bible (TONGAN) KO E TOHITAPU KATOA (The Holy Bible in Tongan)
bible+tregelles BibleTREGELLES Bible (TREGELLES) The Greek New Testament, as Edited by Samuel Prideaux Tregelles
bible+tshvnd1998 BibleTSHVND1998
bible+tsv BibleTSV Bible (TSV) Thai Standard Version
bible+tswana1994 BibleTSWANA1994
bible+ubs4 BibleUBS4 Bible (UBS4) Analytical Greek New Testament, GNT 4th Revised Edition(UBS4), UBS4 Int, UBS4 w/Swanson
bible+urerv BibleURERV
bible+ut BibleUT Bible (UT) Biblia Sacra: Ultriusque Testamenti, Český Studijní Překlad (ČSP), Complete Jewish Bible (CJB), Czech Study Translation, Groot Nieuws Bijbel, Zürcher Bible
bible+vpee BibleVPEE Bible (VPEE) Dios Habla Hoy: Edición interconfesional de estudio
bible+vul BibleVUL Bible (VUL-W) Biblia Sacra Vulgata (inc. Varia Lectio Psalms), Vulgate SESB
bible+vul2 BibleVUL2 Bible (VUL-C) Clementine Vulgate
bible+wh BibleWH Bible (WH) Westcott & Hort Greek New Testament 1881, Logos WH
bible+wv95 BibleWV95 Bible (WV95) Willibrordvertaling 1995
bible+xitsonga BibleXITSONGA

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