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These links point to the Logos Forum posts where you can find the latest versions of Personal Books created and shared by users. Please feel free to add new ones, and update the link if you post a newer version of a PB.
Links to books that have (or should have) been removed due to copyright questions are omitted.
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See below for Personal Books in Progress or Requested.

WARNING: “Of the making of many books there is no end!” (Ecclesiastes 12:12)


Other Resources

Personal Books in Progress or Requested

Please volunteer for some of these. Change “sign up” to your name when you start on one (add a line here if the book you’re working on isn’t listed yet) to save others the wasted effort. When you’re done, post your PB in the Files form, then move the appropriate line from below up to the User Contributed Personal Books section above with a link to your forum post.

  • Cassel, Daniel K. History of the Mennonites (1888, public domain, e-text from; (Rosie Perera; correcting against page scans from Google Books; begun Jan 29, 14% complete)
  • de Caussade, Jean-Pierre: Abandonment to Divine Providence (fgh – well on the way, but I got stuck and need to find/take time to learn modern word processors a bit better before I can finish it)
  • Encyclopaedia Biblica (sign up)
  • John Donne’s sermons (in his 6-volume works) alternate site (sign up)
  • The Letters of Saint Athanasius concerning the Holy Spirit
  • Martyrs’ Mirror (Rosie Perera, began Jan 19 – all text imported from here; currently doing editorial pass: fixing formatting and OCR typos, tagging Scripture refs that can’t be automatically recognized, and inserting the woodblock prints; I’m 10% complete with this pass (total of 1142 pages)); expect it to take a few months; last phase will be to redo the index

There are tons of other sites with collections of free Christian e-Books of this or that theological slant, but I’ve focused on the ones that have achieved recognition, have been around for a while, are relatively high quality, are hosted by universities, and would have broadest appeal.

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