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Upgrade vs Crossgrade
Specific Feature Requirements
Feature Comparison

Upgrade vs Crossgrade

Logos Upgrade and Verbum (Catholic) allow you to Upgrade to Logos 5 if you are already the owner of a Logos 4 base package. They will give you new resources plus new features and datasets according to your needs and budget.

A Crossgrade consists of some or all of the features and datasets of Logos 5, plus the bare minimum amount of resources needed to use them. In that sense it is an upgrade focusing on features and datasets. The Minimal Crossgrade provides all the features and datasets but the cheaper Core Datasets provides the essential features and datasets.


Logos 5 needs a system higher than Windows XP or Apple OS X 10.5.

The packages & crossgrades will give you a discount for resources & features/datasets you already own so that you will pay only for titles that are “New to you”. See How to Get a Custom Discount.

If you already own a Logos 4 Base Package then you can upgrade to Logos 5 OR purchase a Crossgrade OR purchase both (if you want more features than the package). Note that the Gold package, or Verbum Master, has all the features and datasets but the Minimal Crossgrade is a less expensive alternative.

If you have never owned a Logos 4 base package:

For more information see Five Ways to Move to Logos 5.

** Biblical Languages is available only to members of the academic program
++ The Bibles that correspond to the Reverse Interlinear datasets are not included in the Logos 4 Crossgrade

Specific Feature Requirements

Sermon Starter Guide: included in Logos 5 Bronze & above, Verbum Foundations & above, Logos 5 Core Datasets and Logos 5 Minimal Crossgrade. Uses Preaching Themes + Thematic Outlines datasets.

Topic Guide: included in Logos 5 Starter & above, Verbum Basic & above. Also available with Logos 4 Minimal Crossgrade but needs some of the “Bible Reference” resources included in base packages. Needs Logos Controlled Vocabulary (LCV) database.
If you also own Preaching Themes and Thematic Outlines, you can get a link to Sermon Starter Guide.

Prayer List: included in Logos 5 Starter & above, Verbum Basic & above, and Logos 4 Minimal Crossgrade.

Word Find: included in Logos 5 Starter & above, Verbum Basic & above.

Passage Analysis: included in Logos 5 Bronze & above, Verbum Foundations & above. Uses Pericope Sets database in Compare Pericopes function.

Sentence Diagramming: included in Logos 5 Bronze & above, Verbum Foundations & above, and in Logos 4 Minimal Crossgrade.

Syntax Search: included in Logos 5 Bronze & above, Verbum Scripture Study & above, and Logos 4 Minimal Crossgrade. Needs Syntax databases & associated Syntactic resources.

Greek Pronunciation: included in Logos 5 Bronze & above, Verbum Foundations & above, and in Logos 4 Minimal Crossgrade. Needs Greek pronunciation datasets.

Personal Books: Included with the free engine for Logos 4 & Logos 5

NOTE If you already have any of these features you will retain them when you upgrade.
Features Logos 5
Verbum Logos 5
Logos 5
Logos 4
Bible Facts:
- Events Starter+ Basic+ Y Y Biblical Events
- People Starter+ Basic+ - - Y Biblical People
- Places Starter+ Basic+ - - Y Biblical Places
- Things Starter+ Basic+ - - Y Biblical Things
Topic Guide Starter+ Basic+ - - Y Logos Controlled Vocabulary
Home Page Excerpts Starter+ Basic+ - - Y Excerpts
Prayer Lists Starter+ Basic+ - - Y -
Word find Puzzle Starter+ Basic+ - - - -
Bible Word Study Bronze+ Foundations+
Grammatical Relationships
Phrase Concordance
Sermon Starter Guide Bronze+ Foundations+

Preaching Themes
Thematic Outlines
Passage Analysis Bronze+ Foundations+ - - Dataset only Pericope Sets*
Pronunciation (Greek) Bronze+ Foundations+ - - Y Erasmian, Modern
Sentence Diagram Bronze+ Foundations+ - - Y -
Timeline + VF Bronze+ Foundations+ Y Y Universal Timeline
Syntax Search Bronze+ Study+ - - Y 1x OT + 3x NT
Speaker Labels VF Silver+ Study+ Y Y Reported Speech
Referent Data Silver+ Study+ Y Y Biblical Referents**
Clause Search Silver+ Study+ Y - 2x Clauses, Biblical Referents
Bible Sense Lexicon Gold+ Master+ Y - Word Senses
  * Pericope Sets provides pericopes in Passage dropdown menus.  Also used in Passage Analysis > Compare Pericopes (base package only).
** Biblical Referents (Referent Data) identifies every person, place, and thing named in the Bible. Used in Context menu, Bible Facts & Clause Search.

Feature Comparison

Compares the features available to Logos 4 and Logos 5 and shows what you can expect from the Free engine if you have NO base package (if you already have any of these features you will retain them in Logos 5).

      Y = available in interface (a comment means there is a requirement for it to work in the Free engine)
Blank = available in interface and will work partially or fully without datasets, depending on resources
       - = not available in the interface, or ghosted
      – = not available in that version
    db = dataset or database
 depr = deprecated (will not be enhanced/fixed)

Features Logos 4 Logos 5
Logos 5
Menu sort & filter Y Y
Bibliography Y Y
Clippings Y Y Y
Handout (Windows only) Y Y – depr Y – depr
Notes Y Y Y
Passage List Y Y Y
Prayer List Y - Y
Reading Plan Y Y Y
Sentence Diagram Y - Y
Syntax Search Y - Y
Visual Filter Y Y
Word Find Puzzle Y - Y
Word List Y Y
Menu sort & filter Y Y
Passage Guide Y Y
Exegetical Guide Y Y
Bible Word Study Y Y
Sermon Starter Guide Y
Topic Guide Y – req db Y
Collections Y Y Y
Favorites Y Y Y
Highlighting Y Y Y
History Y Y Y
Personal Books Y Y Y
Reading Lists Y Y Y
Bible Facts:
- Events Y – req db Y
- People Y Y – req db Y
- Places Y Y – req db Y
- Things Y Y – req db Y
Bible Sense Lexicon - Y
Timeline - Y
Copy Bible Verses Y Y Y
Explorer Y Y
Passage Analysis Y - Y
Text Comparison Y Y
Community Notes Y Y
Cited By Y Y
Information Y Y
Power Lookup Y Y
Pronunciation (Greek) Y - Y
Basic Y Y
Bible Y Y
Morph Y Y
Syntax Y - Y
Clause - Y
Image Y
Search by: Lemma Y Y
Search by: Root Y
Search Help text Y Y
Highlight results in
parallel Bibles
Prioritize Y Y Y
Mobile Device Mgmnt Y Y Y
Filter by Collection Y Y
Community Tags
and Ratings
Home Page
Enter passage/topic Y Y
Preferred Bible Y Y Y
Reading Plan Y Y Y
Lectionary Y Y
Devotionals Y Y
Excerpts Y Y – req db Y
Save & Load Y Y Y
Active Layout Y Y
Print/Export Y Y Y
Locked Book Preview Y Y
Popular Highlights VF Y Y
Speaker labels VF - Y
Timeline events VF - Y

Also see Logos 5.0 New Features - addressed to users upgrading from Logos 4. Many of the new Logos 5 free features are included with the free engine (no purchase needed).

All the features of Logos 4 are in Logos 5. Some of the menu items have been rearranged, so features may be in a different place.

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