Logos 5.0

Please see the Logos 5 features page on logos.com for the full overview.

New Features (with purchase)

  • Bible Sense Lexicon
  • Bible Facts: Events
  • Bible Facts: “Referred to as” section
  • Bible Word Study: Phrases
  • Bible Word Study: Sense
  • Clause Search
  • Exegetical Guide: Senses
  • Information: Show Referent
  • Sermon Starter Guide
  • Speaker Labels visual filter
  • Timeline
  • Timeline Events visual filter
  • Topic Guide

New Features (free)

  • Bible Facts (replaces Biblical People, Places, Things)
  • Bible Facts: People now includes anonymous people and groups
  • Bible Word Study: Roots (requires reverse interlinears or morph Bibles)
  • Bibliography Documents
  • Documents menu with advanced columns, sorting, and filtering
  • Exegetical Guide: Syntactic Force (requires Lexham Syntactic Greek NT)
  • Guides menu with advanced columns, sorting, and filtering
  • Information: Show Translations
  • Library: Community Ratings & Tags
  • Library: Filter by collection
  • Locked Book Previews
  • Passage List: Memorize
  • Root Search (requires reverse interlinears)
  • Search Helps
  • Search: Results show highlighting in parallel Bibles
  • Settings: Adjust Line Spacing
  • Touch support in Windows
  • UI refresh: new design, updated home page, new fonts, and improved organization
  • Universal Copy (in any guide section)

New Features for Macintosh

  • Significant performance improvements across the application

New Features for Windows

  • New resource display for increased performance

Bug Fixes

  • Many bug fixes

Important Notes

  • Logos 5 will install on top of and replace Logos 4. You can’t run them side by side.
  • You keep all your existing books and features from Logos 4.
  • All new Logos 5 features are exactly the same on Windows and Macintosh.
  • New system requirements:
    • Windows: Requires .NET 4.5 and Windows Vista SP2 or later (Windows XP is not supported)
    • Macintosh: Requires OS X 10.6 or later

Known Issues

  • Bible Facts
    • The Lemmas section is unavailable for People and Places.
    • Print/Export is unavailable.
    • Copy is not available on the context menu for a section heading.
    • Sections don’t remember their expanded/collapsed state.
  • Bible Sense Lexicon
    • It’s not possible to search a Bible for all occurrences of a sense.
  • Bibliography
    • Some citation styles have errors in the displayed citations.
  • Home Page
    • Entering a topic (in the “Enter Passage, Click Go” box) doesn’t run a Topic Guide.
  • Interoperability
    • The logos4: URI does not work by default. (Workaround: run %localappdata%\Logos5\Logos.exe /register)
  • Mac
    • Not all parity issues from Logos 4 have been fixed yet; most importantly, the Notes editor from Logos 4 has not yet been replaced with a new editor.
  • Reverse Interlinear
    • “Root” does not appear as an available line in the reverse interlinear ribbon.
    • “Sense” does not appear as an available option in the inline reverse interlinear display; this is by design.

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