Update Channels

Logos maintains two update channels which allows them to conduct Beta testing whilst allowing updates to the ‘Gold’ or current release program. If you do nothing you will receive Service Releases (SR) and new ‘Gold’ versions on the stable channel and be unaffected by Beta testing which is on the beta channel. Beta versions usually have bugs, sometimes serious ones.

If you want to get the next version before it goes Gold

A Release Candidate (RC) is usually advertised in the Forums as being stable enough for people to use for their normal tasks. Think carefully about this even though the risk is fairly low, but things can go wrong because it’s still a beta and you won’t be able to go back to a Gold version unless you completely uninstall then reinstall.

Instructions for installing the RC will be supplied, but the best method is to use the installation link provided in the forum because you remain on the stable channel and you don’t have to worry about the effect of the set update channel command (below).

If Logos provide another release candidate, you should also update to that version using the forum link. However, if you are using the latest RC which then goes Gold you won’t need to do anything because the Gold release is exactly the same as the last RC.

If you want to join beta testing

You will need to decide whether you want to install to a new User Account (recommended) or overwrite your Gold installation with the beta, which means:

  • if you want to go back to the Gold version you have to completely uninstall then reinstall
  • you have to be prepared to handle problems with a potentially unstable program
  • you will not be able to manage your current preparation/study schedule with certainty

There will be several releases (usually designated as beta 1, beta 2, etc.) and the best method to install your first program is to use the installation link provided in the beta forum, which then puts you on the beta channel. Subsequent beta programs can be installed via normal download.

When you receive the first Release Candidate things will change because you will then be on the stable channel and you will have to install subsequent RC’s from the forum link. After an RC goes Gold you will continue on the stable channel and be able to receive service releases (SR’s).

If you want to permanently join beta testing

Use the command set update channel to beta, which is confirmed in the “About Logos Bible Software” window. It means that you will receive beta programs and RC’s by normal download and will still be on the beta channel after it goes Gold. However, you can reverse the effect of this command at any time with set update channel to default. For example, if you do this with a release candidate you will then be on the stable channel.


Activities on the Update Channels

  • Public beta testing (on beta channel) – releases with some features and many bugs
  • Release Candidates (on beta channel) – one or more release with all of the features but may still have bugs
  • ‘Gold’ Release (on stable channel) – a Release Candidate with no apparent bugs is put on the stable channel as the final release
  • Service Releases (on stable channel) – if bugs are found after the Gold release they are fixed in Service Releases.

When running a beta version there are three possibilities:

  • set update channel to default - you stay on the beta channel until we release the first RC.
  • set update channel to stable - you shouldn’t see an update until we release a version greater than your beta to the stable channel.
  • set update channel to beta - you will be perpetually subscribed to the beta program until you change the channel to something else.

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