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This page is a collection of links to where others on the forum have made files or tools available.
It is entirely up to you to determine if they are useful to you

These Tools were designed for Logos 4/5 and unsupported versions of Windows software.


Logos Notefile Recolorer

  • see this post
    • for some background on this tool see this post

Logos NoteHax v2 (Recolorer and now sorter)

  • see this website QuickLinks
    • for some background on this tool see this post


  • This tool is pretty much obsoleted. We can use Personal Books to do the same thing and more. See this post.
  • see this website mFav’s
    • for some background on this tool see this post
    • updated notes, see this post

Logos 4 Bibliography2

Count words

  • Excel file with macros involved from buttons on the spreadsheet. This can be used with L4’s Copy Bible Verse. It allows you to paste Bible text into the spreadsheet and parses through all the words and lists the unique words in a table with a count of how many times each word was found. You then can use Excel’s Sort to sort them alphabetically or by the count found.
    • the zipped Excel file is found in this post
    • How to use the Excel file with CBV is shown in this post
      Note: don’t use the zipped Excel file in this post, its older than the one above.
  • I don’t know if this Excel file will work in the Mac version of Excel since it has embedded VB macros.


  • LLR creates reports on your Logos Library. See this post.
  • For current version see this website.

Clipboard Image Viewer

  • CIV allows you to view maps or images copied from Logos on your PC in Full Screen mode. See this post.
  • For current version see this website.

CopyBibleVerses Globally (HotKey)

  • For current version see this post.
  • Use: Autohotkey, LogosComApi, Internet Explorer
    • Win + B will Replace any selected Bible reference with Bible Verses
    • Ctrl + R will replace newline characters in selected text
    • Ctrl + T wil translate selected text to your preferred language (set the language param in scriptfile)


George Somsel’s index to the Early Church Fathers

A drop-down toolbar for visual online tools

ESV Study Bible charts

ESV Study Bible maps

  • see this post
    • for background see this post

Charts found in the Woman’s Study Bible

Sentence Diagram files

  The forum user Terry Cook has generously shared some of his sentence diagrams with us: (thank You Terry!)

  [See this wiki page for installing these files Importing Libronix Sentence Diagrams into Logos ]

page Macro for Personal Books

This is for the new PBB (personal book builder which is now in beta), see this post

More macros for PB

There are several macros for Word which can assist you in generating a PB. See this post. Some of the macros include Milestones, DataLinks, & URLs. The macros work in Word 2010 & 2007.

Also included for Word 2010 users is a custom Ribbon with buttons for each of the macros.

These macros are also available for Word 2003. Instead of a ribbon, tool bars have been created and reside in the template which will show in your documents if you use the template. See this post

Macro to find Chapter and convert to Heading2

This is macro code which you will need to paste into the VBA editor. See this post

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