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 Importing from Libronix

Support for importing Libronix DLS documents has been removed in Logos 8.9.


  Others on the forum have shared their Sentence Diagrams usually in Libronix format. If you have Libronix still loaded on your computer, then you can download these Sentence Diagrams and import them into Logos. The directions are shown below. The browser used for these images is FireFox and Internet Explorer. If you are using a different browser then you will need to relate these instructions to how your browser downloads attachments.

Steps to Download/Import Sentence Diagrams

  • Note: you will need Libronix (Logos 3) installed on your computer!
  • If you have your own Sentence Diagrams that you built in Libronix then you can skip down to step #5.

  Open the forum post which has the Sentence Diagram file, then:

  1. Click on the zipped filename to have your browser download the file.

  2. [FireFox] After the file is downloaded right click on the file in the download window.
    1. In the drop down menu click on Open.

      • Internet Explorer users...

    2. After clicking on the file in step #1, in the pop-up dialog box click on Save and in the other pop-up boxes navigate to where you want your Zip file saved.

  3. [FireFox] Windows Explorer shows the contents of the Zip file. Right click on the sentence diagram file. In the drop down menu click on Copy.
    1. [Internet Exporer] Use Windows Explorer to navigate to where you saved your file in step #2b. If you double click on the Zip file Window Exporer will show you the contents of the Zip file. Right click on the sentence diagram file and in the drop down menu click on Copy.

  4. Now in Windows Explorer navigate to where Libronix stores your Sentence Diagram files.
    1. In Windows Vista the location is: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Libronix DLS\SentenceDiagrams
    2. Now right click in an open area of Windows Explorer and in the drop down menu click on Paste to paste what you copied in step #3.

    • Now we will import the Libronix file into Logos

  5. In Logos in the Command Box type: Import Sentence Diagrams and in the drop down list click on Import Sentence Diagrams.

    • Now lets open the Sentence Diagram in Logos

  6. In the top menu click on File
    1. In the drop down menu locate your sentence diagram file and click on it.
      (you might want to type Sent in the Open box to have Logos sort your files to only show you Sentence Diagram files).

  7. Now Logos should show you the Sentence Diagram file that you imported.

Some posts which have Sentence Diagram files

  The forum user Terry Cook has generously shared some of his sentence diagrams with us: (thank You Terry!)
 See this wiki article for a list of Terry’s diagrams

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