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How will Logos four work in third world countries where there is limited or no internet access?

Logos can be operated offline quite well and it is best to use its offline mode rather than changing Settings or switching off your connection. For Windows, hold down CTRL key while starting Logos. For Mac, launch Logos, then quickly press and hold command key until the login screen appears, then release command key. Then select “Work Offline”.

Note that “Use Internet” = YES is ignored in offline mode, so keep it on that setting.

When you want to receive updates start Logos normally to revert to online mode. “Automatically Download Updates” is best set to NO (in Tools > Program settings) as you will then be notified of a download and can choose to accept it or refuse it until you are ready.
If you have to go to another place and pay for internet access e.g. an internet cafe (not sure about internet cafe availability in third world countries, particularly ones that cater for the large downloads this program sometimes requires) know what its going to cost you beforehand.

The good news here is that a complete install away from the internet is possible as Logos can email the license file and send an installation disc.

If this is true, then why does Logos “need” the internet?

There are features that need the internet, particularly “metadata” (data about your resources that enables you to group them them in Library or collections), or updates to resources and the program. It’s most important that you understand that the tools for actual Bible study won’t be affected, and all the resources you purchase will be available locally on your hard drive, so lack of Internet will not hurt your study at all:

  • The Home Page contains several internet based items. RSS feeds from Logos and Morris Proctor will not work without internet, neither will some of the advertising features like Pre-pub and Community Pricing announcements.
  • Passage Guides will lack sermons from or graphics from
  • Reading Lists get information from, so they will not function at all without the internet.
  • Document syncing keeps your user created documents in sync across installs (Logos allows you to install the program on two or more computers, but only for your personal use. See the EULA for a more detailed explanation).
  • Checks for updated metadata are made regularly and sync’d when available.
  • Automatic Update checks to see if there are any program or resource updates which fix issues that could affect stability or readability (typos, etc). When available they will be downloaded.

Without internet access these items will not do anything – most importantly they will not get in the way of what Logos was designed to do: Bible Study.

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