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Resource: Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament

Key Features

  • Greek New Testament with Discourse Analysis Markings:
    • Forward-Pointing Devices
      • Point-Counterpoint Sets
      • Forward-pointing Reference and Target
      • Meta-comments
      • Attention-getters
      • Redundant Quotative Frames
      • Historical Present
      • Tail-Head Linkage
    • Thematic Highlighting
      • Overspecification
      • Thematic Address
      • Right-dislocation
      • Thematic Addition
      • Near and Far Demonstrative Pronouns
      • Changed Reference
    • Word-Order Analysis
      • Emphasis
      • Frames of Reference
      • Outline Annotations

Wiki & Key Forum Comments

Forum MVP Alan Macgregor

Recommended – “In producing the Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament, Dr. Steven Runge has provided an important key to grasping and applying the principles of Discourse Analysis to the New Testament text.” link to complete review

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