Logos 8.9 Beta 2

Released: October 15, 2019

Bug Fixes
  • Application
    • Fixed a crash that could occur shortly after the application starts.
  • Context Menu
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Header for Selected Text from being formatted correctly in the Context Menu.
  • Factbook
    • Fix a bug preventing some links from showing up in various Factbook sections.
  • Guides
    • Cleaned up formatting in empty guide hint text.
  • Keyboard Switcher
    • Fixed some UI issues with the Keyboard Switcher icon.
  • Media Tool
    • Auto-post to Faithlife now defaults to off.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Fixed a crash when selecting Lookup from the menu from text tagged with the Journal Label.
  • Search
    • Made Inline Bible Search autocomplete suggestions match those for Bible search in the search panel.
    • Removed some autocomplete suggestions from Morph search that were never useful.
    • Fixed a bug that caused auto-complete search terms to not be displayed when using untransliteration.
  • Sermon Documents
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from switching Bible translations for Bible Verse Slides.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Morph Search
    • Fixed a bug that prevented auto-completing a second word when enclosed in quotes.

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