Logos 8.8 Beta 4

Released: September 18, 2019

New Features
  • Keyboard Switcher
    • Added Keyboard Switcher to Basic, Bible, and Morph in Inline Search.
    • Added a setting to turn the Keyboard Switcher on/off in Program Settings.
  • Keyboard Switcher
    • The keyboard shortcut for switching between Default, Greek, and Hebrew keyboards is CTRL+ALT+Space for Windows and CTRL+CMD+Space for macOS.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Removed the “Turn off Selection Menu” prompt from the pop-up menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Application Startup
    • Fixed a crash when exiting the application during or shortly after startup.
  • Concordance Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused some arrows in the Concordance Tool to be misaligned.
  • Context Menu
    • Added an external link icon for Perseus Web Lookup to the Context Menu.
    • Fixed a crash when selecting a large amount of text and opening the Context Menu.
    • Fixed Literary Typing information missing from the Context Menu. Thread, Thread
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed a bug that caused the “Annotation” navigation option in the Locator Bar to not work. Thread
      • Known Issue: When filtered by Notes or an Inline Search the arrow buttons skip some hits.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Search command to run a Bible reference search when a longer amount of text is selected.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Context Menu
    • Fixed misalignment issues for some items in the Context Menu.

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