Logos 8.8 Beta 3

Released: September 10, 2019

New Features
  • Keyboard Switcher
    • Added support for resources that have milestones in Hebrew and Greek.
    • Updated the Help Text in Search Panels.
    • Added the keyboard shortcut CTRL+` to switch between the default, Greek, and Hebrew keybaords. Currently English only.
Bug Fixes
  • Context Menu
    • Fixed a crash when collapsing a section in the Context Menu that was still loading.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Fixed a bug that caused a delay in the Selection Menu appearing when selecting a large amount of text within a Bible.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Search command to run the wrong search.
  • Search
    • Fixed a bug where phrase search results could be missing when a word was repeated (using a different form) within a phrase. Thread
  • Workflow Editor
    • Fixed a bug the prevented Text Comparison collections from being changed or edited in a template. Thread
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Courses Tool
    • Fixed a bug that prevented videos from playing in the Courses Tool. Thread
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Keyboard Switcher
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Keyboard Switcher icon to be covered by the submit button in a Bible Word Study. Thread
    • Fixed a bug that prevented correct mapping with non-US English keyboards. Thread
  • Resources
    • Fixed a hang when right-clicking on text in a resource footnote. Thread

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