Logos 8.8 Beta 2

Released: September 03, 2019

New Features
  • Citations
    • Added support for new metadata that will be added to resources in the future.
  • Keyboard Switcher
    • Added support to allow the Keyboard Switcher layout to override application shortcuts when they overlap.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Added support to respect reference links when executing Selection Menu commands.
Bug Fixes
  • Context Menu
    • Removed the Wikipedia Tool from the Context Menu in non-English UI’s.
  • Guides
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Word by Word section to not select the correct default options in the settings.
  • Media
    • Fixed bug that prevented media from being downloaded offline (e.g. Basics for Biblical Greek Vocabulary). Thread
  • Resources
    • Fixed a crash when navigating between testaments with a Bible linked to a Bible with only one testament. Thread, Thread, Thread
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Morph Search
    • Fixed a crash when running a Morph Query Document.
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed a crash when trying to Print/Export.
  • Syntax Search
    • Fixed incorrect icons used when adding new items to a search template.

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