Logos 8.7 Beta 4

Released: August 06, 2019

New Features for Mac
  • Search
    • Allow “Match case” and “Match all word forms” to both be enabled simultaneously. Enabling both will find forms of the search term that have the “same” case. For example, searching for “Love” will find “Loved” and “Loving” but not “love” or “LOVE”.
  • Context Menu
    • Reordered the items in the Context Menu to be listed in a more consistent manner.
Bug Fixes
  • Biblical People Diagrams
    • Fixed a crash when opening Biblical People Diagrams.
  • Bookstore Search
    • Improved the styling of resource titles.
  • Context Menu
    • Hid the “Send to Canvas” command for accounts without the Canvas feature enabled
    • Fixed a crash when opening the Context Menu in the Wikipedia Tool or a Bible search. Thread
    • Fixed a bug that caused some document icons to be missing in the Context Menu.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a document title to be duplicated in the Context Menu when the document remains open. Thread
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Context Menu to only display the last opened Canvas Document. The Context Menu now groups the last five documents that were opened under the “Add to Canvas” command.
  • Program Settings
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Reset Defaults” command from not resetting the “Text Selection” setting to “Word”. Thread
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Fixed a bug that caused “Add note” to assign the note to “No Notebook” instead of the active notebook. Thread
  • Sharing
    • Fixed a bug that prevented content from being shared on Twitter.
Known Issues
  • Print Export
    • Filtered printing is slow on macOS.

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