Logos 8.7 Beta 1

Released: July 16, 2019

New Features
  • Context Menu redesign
    • The Context Menu in resources has new styling, and is now laid out left-to-right.
    • Highlights are now available on appropriate contexts. The Highlight button opens the Highlighting tool; the 5 most recently-used styles are available to create a new highlight immediately.
    • Reference > Copy now has new styling options for copying the verse content. Previous functionality to style with last-used CBV style is represented by the “Styled” button, and the “More>>” button opens the Copy Bible Verse tool.
    • The command options below now use buttons instead of lists to reduce space on screen:
      • Search
      • Copy
    • Look up is now a collapsible list. Clicking the header opens the first lookup destination.
      • Known Issue: Slow performance getting lookup destinations blocks the rest of the command UI from loading.
  • Look Up
    • The Look Up command will now fall back to Everything search when it cannot find a Headword.
  • Print/Export
    • Added the ability to only print text that has been filtered.
      • When the filter is active, the print/export panel will only display Table of Contents entries and Milestone ranges that intersect with the filtered hits.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Added a new Copy Bible Verses option called “Styled” that uses the last used style from the Copy Bible Verses Tool.
    • The Search command will now always open a search panel.
    • The Study command will now open the appropriate guide (i.e. a phrase like “Kingdom of God” will open up a Topic Guide) and fall back to Everything search where applicable.
  • Tools
    • Added the ability to drag-and-drop Guides and Tools pinned icons in the Guides and Tools menus.
New Features for Windows
  • Search
    • Allow “Match case” and “Match all word forms” to both be enabled simultaneously. Enabling both will find forms of the search term that have the “same” case. For example, searching for “Love” will find “Loved” and “Loving” but not “love” or “LOVE”.
    • Known Issue: This still needs to be implemented on Mac.
Bug Fixes
  • First Run Dialog
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Verbum First Run Dialog to use Logos branding.
  • Guides
    • Fixed a bug that caused the sermonaudio.com section to not return any results.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Text Comparison icon to show up when text within a Bible commentary is selected.
    • Fixed a bug that delayed the appearance of the menu when Corresponding Selection is turned on and a large amount of text is selected.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Text Comparison command to be run on All Bibles.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some tooltips for icons to not appear on hover.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Program Settings banner to not immediately dismiss when closed.
  • Search
    • Fixed a bug that prevented inline searches from displaying results count when run from the search panel or Resource Text Selection Menu.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the last results from Bookstore search to disappear when the previous result is expanded.
    • Fixed label query parsing to allow smart quotes. Thread
  • Sermon Documents
    • Fixed a crash when trying to export a sermon to PowerPoint while offline. Thread
  • Workflows Editor
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Preaching Theme templates from being able to add Dictionary and Senses intents.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Multi-view Resources
    • Added button icons for columns and stacked view options.
  • My Library
    • Fixed a bug that caused the “Open in a Floating Window” button to not work.
  • Resource Text Selection Menu
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Resource Text Selection Menu to show up when the Right-Click Context Menu had already been selected. Thread

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