Logos 8.5 Beta 3

Released: May 07, 2019

New Features
  • Documents Tool
    • Added the ability to share documents to a specific Faithlife Group.
      • Known Issue: There is a known bug that prevents the collaboration checkbox from allowing the document to be collaborated on with some document types on macOS.
      • Known Issue: Once a document has been collaborated the share dialog can no longer be accessed for that document.
New Features for Mac
  • Guides
    • Added the ability to add notes to Guide sections.
      • Known Issue: Guide Notes and Workflow responses do not display the default font for Notes outside of the Notes Tool.
New Features for Windows
  • Logging
    • Moved the default logging folder location to:
      • %LocalAppData%\Faithlife\Logs\Logos\
      • %LocalAppData%\Faithlife\Logs\Verbum\
  • Search
    • Removed the “Search (while typing)” option from Bible Search. Thread
  • Tools
    • The “Ask the Author”, “Wikipedia”, and “Faithlife Assistant” Tools are now hidden in non-English UI’s.
Bug Fixes
  • Documents Tool
    • Fixed a bug that prevented all documents in the “Groups” or “Public” tab from being displayed.
  • Favorites
  • Menus
    • Fixed a bug that caused some Guides and Tools names in the Toolbar Menu to be truncated in certain situations.
  • Localization
    • Fixed various panel localization bugs.
  • My Library
    • Fixed a potential crash when filtering the library using certain characters.
  • Notifications
    • Fixed a bug that caused the “Resources are ready to be added to your library” notification from remaining after the application has been restarted. Thread
  • Startup
    • Fixed a crash while starting the application.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Startup
    • Fixed a bug that removed the “close” button from the startup dialog.

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